Funded publications

  • Naveed, Arif (2024)
    This chapter advances a novel theoretic-methodological approach to the analysis of qualitative data. The aim is to achieve a deeper understanding of the relationship between social inequality and educational outcomes in ...
  • Smith, Linda Tuhiwai (2024)
    Sharlene Swartz, Nidhi Singal, Madeleine Arnot, research methods, educational research methods, research methods in education, Global South, southern contexts, decolonization, decolonizing education
  • Swartz, Sharlene; Singal, Nidhi; Arnot, Madeleine (2024)
    This chapter reviews the current canons of educational research and considers how they can be uncoupled from hegemonic knowledge paradigms which privilege Northern contexts. It outlines contributions from decolonial thinking ...