• Ahmed, Farrah; Krayem, Ghena (2021-07-15)
    This book addresses two key questions namely; how liberal legal systems like Australia’s should respond to sharia processes, and more specifically; how it can best respond to the needs of Muslim women who use these processes.
  • Onysko, Alexander (2021-07-15)
    Written by an international team of leading experts, this book presents the key issues of importance in contemporary world Englishes and points the way towards future research directions.
  • Okuyama, Harumi; Sultan, Sheriff; Ohara, Naoki; Hamazaki, Tomohito; Langsjoen, Peter H.; Hama, Rokuro; Ogushi, Yoichi; Kobayashi, Tetsuyuki; Natori, Shunji; Uchino, Hajime; Hashimoto, Yoko; Watanabe, Shiro; Tatematsu, Kenjiro; Miyazawa, Daisuke; Nakamura, Mikio; Oh-hashi, Kentaro (2021-04-28)
    Ever since the publication of Ancel Keys’ watershed ‘Seven Countries Study’ in 1970, medical thinking has posited a causal link between the intake of animal fats and coronary heart disease. The research of Prof. Harumi ...
  • Voss, Michael; Asenjo, Rafael; Reinders, James (2019)
    "This open access book is a modern guide for all C++ programmers to learn Threading Building Blocks (TBB). Written by TBB and parallel programming experts, this book reflects their collective decades of experience in ...
  • Pahwa, Sonali (2020)
    Theaters of Citizenship investigates the Egyptian movement for free theater, arguing that it evolved from an avant-gardist movement to an undercommons of revolutionary cultural practice. Using historiography, ethnography, ...

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