• Gowder, Paul (2021-12-16)
    Written by one of the leading commentators in the US, this book looks at the history of the rule of law in the US and how it has developed, with a particular focus on the problem of race.
  • Helgesso, Stefan; Bodin, Helena; Alling, Annika Mörte (2021-12-02)
    Examines how localized literary practices around the world engage with globalized predicaments, using a collection of in-depth studies ranging from the 19th century until today.
  • Louis, Tatjana; Molope, Mokgadi; Peters, Stefan (2021-12-01)
    In den letzten Jahrzehnten hat die Frage, wie Gesellschaften mit der Vergangenheit umgehen, bei politischen Akteuren, in der Zivilgesellschaft und in der Wissenschaft zunehmende Beachtung gefunden. Diese Publikation trägt ...
  • van der Stroom, Sandra (2021-12-06)
    The effective protection of the fundamental guarantee of Art. 3 ECHR requires clear minimum standards in the penitentiary system as well as their consistent enforcement. The core piece of the thesis consists of a comprehensive ...
  • Putz, Hannelore; Fronhöfer, Andrea (2019)
    Between 1750 and 1850, Rome represented a unique crystallization point for the European art market. These conference proceedings examine key players and places and the diverse manifestations of the Roman art market. Discussed ...

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