• Moats, Sandra A. (2021)
    History of the Americas;Naval forces and warfare;General and world history;Central / national / federal government
  • van Eck, Cathy (2017)
    After the sound reproduction industry had claimed “perfect high fidelity” for sound recordings already at the beginning of the twentieth century, composers and sound artists challenged this perfection by tweaking microphones ...
  • Corporaal, Marguerite; van den Beuken, Ruud (2021)
    As the prominence of the recent #WakingTheFeminists movement illustrates, the Irish theatre world is highly conscious of the ways in which theatre can foster social emancipation. This volume of essays uncovers a wide range ...
  • Schildermans, Hans (2021-05-20)
    Explores the relation between university and society by taking study practices as a point of departure.
  • O'Driscoll Jr, Gerald P; Rizzo, Mario (2014)
    Austrian Economics Re-examined: The Economics of Time and Ignorance is an expanded version of the 1996 edition of The Economics of Time and Ignorance. This work is a classic statement of the role of subjectivism, radical ...

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