• Calma, Dragos (2020)
    Reading Proclus and the Book of Causes, published in three volumes, is a fresh, comprehensive understanding of the history of Neoplatonism from the 9th to the 16th century. The impact of the Elements of Theology and the ...
  • Bouras-Vallianatos, Petros (2019)
    This chapter explores the use and adaptation of the Galenic corpus in the hands of late antique medical compilers. It is divided into two main sections dealing with Greek and Latin authors respectively.
  • Atkin, Tamara; Rajsic, Jaclyn (2019)
    Literature, European and World Literature: General Interest
  • Eriksen Ødegaard, Elin; Spord Borgen, Jorunn (2020)
    This book investigates and uncover paradoxes and ambivalences that are actualised when seeking to make the right choices in the best interests of the child. The 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child ...
  • Rodatz, Christoph; Smolarski, Pierre (2021)
    Die Rufe nach positiver Veränderung, nach gesellschaftlicher Transformation und bisweilen gar nach Weltrettung sind laut. Doch das Potential eines weltentwerfenden Designs wird mitunter maßlos überschätzt. Vor allem fehlt ...

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