• Jacobsson, Katarina; Gubrium, Jaber (2021)
    "EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence. Human service work is performed in many places – hospitals, shelters, households – and is characterised by a complex mixture of organising principles, relations ...
  • Voigt-Zimmermann, Susanne (2021)
    Speech science has a history of over 120 years. In addition to the self-image of the discipline, this book focuses on everything that makes the subject so attractive: With its vital research and teaching subject, speaking ...
  • Kim, Dorothy; Koh, Adeline (2021)
    "In Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History, Michel-Rolph Trouillot writes that by examining the process of history we can “discover the differential exercise of power that makes some narratives possible ...
  • Ahmed, Farrah; Krayem, Ghena (2021-07-15)
    This book addresses two key questions namely; how liberal legal systems like Australia’s should respond to sharia processes, and more specifically; how it can best respond to the needs of Muslim women who use these processes.
  • Onysko, Alexander (2021-07-15)
    Written by an international team of leading experts, this book presents the key issues of importance in contemporary world Englishes and points the way towards future research directions.

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