• Miroslav Petříček (2019)
    Thought necessarily reflects the times. Following the tragedy of the Holocaust, this fact became ever more clear. And it may be the reason postwar philosophical texts are so difficult to understand, since they confront ...
  • Erhard, Franz (2021)
    The book examines poverty on the basis of qualitative interviews and makes clear that the term conceals an entire lifeworld. Great Britain as the area of study is seen as the prototype of a ‘neoliberal’ welfare state in ...
  • Perez-Garcia, Manuel (2021)
    The analysis of land management, lineage and family through the case study of early modern Spanish nobility from sixteenth to early nineteenth century is a major issue in recent historiography. It aims to shed light on how ...
  • Meyer, Birgit; van der Veer, Peter (2021-04-22)
    Using ethnographic case studies of people on the move, especially from Vietnam and Africa, this book explores the overlooked relevance of religion in the European refugee crisis.
  • Weissmann, Mikael; Nilsson, Niklas; Thunholm, Per; Palmertz, Björn (2021-04-22)
    An examination of the most recent hybrid warfare approaches and threats.

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