• Romualdi, Giuliana; Bononia University Press, BUP (2021)
  • Romualdi, Giuliana; Bononia University Press, BUP (2021)
    "Over the last years, the increase of emergencies occurring within the EU – or originating outside but having repercussions on it – has progressively brought to light the need to identify a common understanding of solidarity ...
  • Doha International Family Institute (2019-01-31)
    This report focused on studying the Arab family strength and challenges in Qatar, Jordan and Tunisia, and how Arab families use their strengths to overcome the challenges. The report concluded that there are seven important ...
  • Bernieri, Adriana; Coppolino, Francesca (2021)
    An educational and interdisciplinary comparison on a territory such as Castel Volturno represents, for the students in the last year of the Master’s Program in Architecture 5UE, an important state of awareness, both from ...
  • van aelst, peter; Blumler, Jay G. (2021)
    Covid-19, beliefs, public communication, Sweden, ideology, citizens, news media, media use, pandemic, coronavirus

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