• Arabatzis, Georgios; Đikanović, Mina; Iliopoulos, Georgios; Jevtić, Nevena; Kaluđerović, Željko; Kormas, Panagiotis; Moutzouri, Antonia; Popović, Una; Prole, Dragan; Protopapadakis, Evangelos D.; Psarros, Nikos; Roussidi, Konstantina; Protopapadakis, Evangelos D.; Arabatzis, Georgios (2022)
    Modernity and Contemporaneity is the 3rd volume in the Hellenic-Serbian Philosophical Dialogue Series, a project that was initiated as an emphatic token of the will and commitment to establish permanent and fruitful ...
  • Prole, Dragan; Rujević, Goran; Arabatzis, George; Popović, Una; Boutlas, George; Kormas, Panagiotis; Moutzouri, Antonia; Smiljanić, Damir; Gounaris, Alkis; Kosteletos, George; Rajković, Marica; Ladas, Ioannis; Prole, Dragan; Rujević, Goran (2020)
    The motives for bringing about the Hellenic-Serbian Dialogue Series originate from the sentiment that mutual relations between Greeks and Sebs far surpass the cultural exchange between Greece and Serbia. Knowing that ...

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