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publisher.contactEvangelos D. Protopapadakis*
publisher.nameNKUA Applied Philosophy Research Lab Press**
publisher.addressApplied Philosophy Research Lab Press, School of Philosophy, 7th floor, office 746, University Campus, 15703 Zografos, Athens*
publisher.oalicenseThis Press provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public contributes to global knowledge exchange. We encourage authors to deposit their original research published with the Press, monographs, edited volumes, translations, as well as data underlying the publications, in institutional and/or other appropriate subject repositories. The NKUA Applied Philosophy Research Lab Press is fully committed to the open access policy agenda. All research material (including journal articles, conference proceedings, book chapters and similar material), where copyright allows, should be made available in an open access form upon publication, under a CC BY license. <BR><BR>*
publisher.peerreviewpolicyThe NKUA Applied Philosophy Research Lab Press relies on a double blind peer review process to secure the quality, validity and academic integrity of its publications. Submitted manuscripts will be assessed by the Editor (or the Editors) to ensure on the one hand that they fall within the scope of the Press, and on the other that they abide by the academic standards the Press embraces. Manuscripts that meet the Press’s criteria are by standard procedure that guarantees blind review channeled to independent expert reviewers, two at least, for anonymous peer review. The final decision concerning the acceptance for publication rests with the Editor. <BR><BR>*<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <dublin_core> <dcvalue element="id" language="en" qualifier="none" schema="peerreview">85</dcvalue> <dcvalue element="publish" language="*" qualifier="responsibility" schema="peerreview">Publisher</dcvalue> <dcvalue element="publish" language="*" qualifier="responsibility" schema="peerreview">Scientific or Editorial Board</dcvalue> <dcvalue element="review" language="*" qualifier="decision" schema="peerreview">Yes</dcvalue> <dcvalue element="reviewer" language="*" qualifier="type" schema="peerreview">Internal editor</dcvalue> <dcvalue element="reviewer" language="*" qualifier="type" schema="peerreview">External peer reviewer</dcvalue> <dcvalue element="review" language="*" qualifier="type" schema="peerreview">Proposal</dcvalue> <dcvalue element="review" language="*" qualifier="type" schema="peerreview">Full text</dcvalue> <dcvalue element="review" language="*" qualifier="stage" schema="peerreview">Post-publication</dcvalue> <dcvalue element="anonymity" language="*" qualifier="none" schema="peerreview">Double-blind</dcvalue> <dcvalue element="open" language="*" qualifier="review" schema="peerreview">No</dcvalue> </dublin_core>*
publisher.descriptionThe NKUA Applied Philosophy Research Lab Press was established in 2018 as a part of the NKUoA Applied Philosophy Research Laboratory. The Press publishes titles from all fields and areas of philosophical research and inquiry. The Press’s publishing program encompasses authored and edited volumes, book series, conference proceedings and philosophical journals both in print and electronic format. The Press has partnered with National Documentation Center for its electronic publications. The Press currently publishes the international biannual open access peer reviewed philosophical journal Conatus – Journal of Philosophy, as well as The Hellenic-Serbian Philosophical Dialogue Series, a series of edited volumes published annually on various areas and fields of philosophical research in collaboration with the Department of Philsophy, University of Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia. The Press's plans for the immediate future include the translation of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics Case Book Series in Greek, by virtue of an agreement with the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (Haifa).*

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  • Arabatzis, Georgios; Đikanović, Mina; Iliopoulos, Georgios; Jevtić, Nevena; Kaluđerović, Željko; Kormas, Panagiotis; Moutzouri, Antonia; Popović, Una; Prole, Dragan; Protopapadakis, Evangelos D.; Psarros, Nikos; Roussidi, Konstantina; Protopapadakis, Evangelos D.; Arabatzis, Georgios (2022)
    Modernity and Contemporaneity is the 3rd volume in the Hellenic-Serbian Philosophical Dialogue Series, a project that was initiated as an emphatic token of the will and commitment to establish permanent and fruitful ...
  • Prole, Dragan; Rujević, Goran; Arabatzis, George; Popović, Una; Boutlas, George; Kormas, Panagiotis; Moutzouri, Antonia; Smiljanić, Damir; Gounaris, Alkis; Kosteletos, George; Rajković, Marica; Ladas, Ioannis; Prole, Dragan; Rujević, Goran (2020)
    The motives for bringing about the Hellenic-Serbian Dialogue Series originate from the sentiment that mutual relations between Greeks and Sebs far surpass the cultural exchange between Greece and Serbia. Knowing that ...

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