• Desperak, Izabela; Kuźma, Inga B. (2017)
  • Desperak, Izabela; Kuźma, Inga B. (2015)
  • Kuźma, Inga B.; Pietrzak, Edyta B. (2021)
  • Cantwell, Gregory; Barry, William; Magula, Justin (2024)
    This volume serves as the culmination of many months of preparation and detailed research for the 2022 Strategic Landpower Symposium at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. During the symposium, participants ...
  • Neimeyer, Charles P. (2024)
    Throughout the Cold War and into the 1990s, the Marine Corps faced multiple strategic inflection points. Some of these moments were fights for institutional survival, some were based on emerging technology or internal ...

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