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  • Vanderklift, Mathew A.; Babcock, Russell C.; Barnes, Peter B.; Cresswell, Anna K.; Feng, Ming; Haywood, Michael D. E.; Holmes, Thomas H.; Lavery, Paul S.; Pillans, Richard D.; Smallwood, Claire B.; Thomson, Damian P.; Tucker, Anton D.; Waples, Kelly; Wilson, Shaun K. (2020)
    The Ningaloo coast of north-western Australia (eastern Indian Ocean) hosts one of the world’s longest and most extensive fringing coral reef systems, along with globally-significant abundances of large marine fauna such ...
  • Gribben, Paul E.; Byers, James E. (2020)
    Biological invasions continue to exert extensive environmental and economic impacts. Understanding why some introduced species become invasive is critical to their management. Determining the mechanisms underpinning ...
  • Wolfe, Kennedy; Anthony, Ken; Babcock, Russell C.; Bay, Line; Bourne, David G.; Burrows, Damien; Byrne, Maria; Deaker, Dione J.; Diaz-Pulido, Guillermo; Frade, Pedro R.; Gonzalez-Rivero, Manuel; Hoey, Andrew; Hoogenboom, Mia; McCormick, Mark; Ortiz, Juan-Carlos; Razak, Tries; Richardson, Anthony J.; Roff, George; Sheppard-Brennand, Hannah; Stella, Jessica; Thompson, Angus; Watson, Sue-Ann; Webster, Nicole; Audas, Donna; Beeden, Roger; Carver, Jesseca; Cowlishaw, Mel; Dyer, Michelle; Groves, Paul; Horne, Dylan; Thiault, Lauric; Vains, Jason; Wachenfeld, David; Weekers, Damien; Williams, Genevieve; Mumby, Peter J. (2020)
    Ecosystem-based management on coral reefs has historically focused on biodiversity conservation through the establishment of marine reserves, but it is increasingly recognised that a subset of species can be key to the ...

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