• Høyrup, Jens (2021-06-16)
  • Igor V. Arhangel`skii; Alexander V. Dunaev; S.S. Belyaev; Irina V. Makarenko; Andrey V. Tarasov; Nikolay. A. Tikhonov (2013)
    In the modern world of ever-advancing technologies, actual tests of products and processes are more and more often preceded, if not replaced, by computer modeling. This saves the time and resources required for actual ...
  • Franka Schneider; Costanza Caraffa; Julia Bärnighausen; Stefanie Klamm; Petra Wodtke (2020)
    Photographs are not simply images but also historically shaped three-dimensional objects. They hold a physical presence, bear traces of handling and use, and circulate in social, political, and institutional networks. ...

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