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publisher.contactCésar Castillo*
publisher.addressAv. Capitán Ignacio Carrera Pinto 1045, Ñuñoa, Santiago, Chile*
publisher.oalicenseAfter a period of time defined in agreement between the person in charge of the publication and the publishing house, the book in PDF format will be made available in open access with a creative commons license (CC BY NC ND 4.0) through the book portal of the University of Chile ( ( "Consideraciones Previas")*
publisher.peerreviewpolicyEvaluation by external reference All works presented and approved by the editorial committee will be subjected to an evaluation of two external peer evaluators, experts in the subject and not belonging to the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Chile. Each evaluator will have a maximum time of 8 weeks to carry out their evaluation. Social-ediciones will take all measures to guarantee the impartiality of the evaluation, keeping the manuscript anonymous and protecting it. If there is a disagreement in the evaluation of the two academic pairs, Social-ediciones will request a third evaluation. In the case of projects that require it, additional evaluations not associated with the peer review process will be requested. The result of the peer review process by external reference may result in the approval without observations, partial rejection or complete rejection of the submitted work. In the first case, the project will go directly to the Project development Unit. In the second case, the person in charge of the publication will receive a report from the evaluation commission detailing the suggestions, which once corrected will allow a new and final evaluation process to be started. In the third case, the Editorial Committee will deliver a letter to the Publication Applicant with the corresponding evaluation and the return of the text. ( "Postulación")*
publisher.descriptionSocial-ediciones is the publishing house of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Chile, a platform that is offered to its academics for the projection, edition, publication and dissemination of books that share a distinctive sign and image, following the values and principles of the University of Chile, safeguarding aspects that ensure quality, academic rigor, creativity and optimization of resources, seeking to promote the impact of its publications in the public sphere, as well as the dialogue between disciplines and current debates in the country and the world.*

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  • Reyes, René; Razeto, Jorge; Barreau, Antonia; Müller-Using, Sabine (2021)
    This book arises from four case studies developed from the O'Higgins region to the Los Ríos region, which provide different perspectives on the use of forests and their biodiversity. In the first chapter, the author delves ...
  • Radiszcz, Esteban (2016)
    Redactados en su mayoría ante la urgencia de discernir, sin la claridad de la distancia y sin la garantía de lo establecido, los resortes de desdichas de una u otra manera silenciadas, los distintos textos reunidos en este ...
  • Abarzúa, Marianella; Aceituno, Roberto; Valenzuela, René (2016)
    El libro “Chile: Glosario Ilustrado del Malestar” reúne un conjunto de entradas y comentarios, imágenes e ilustraciones, que recorren las distintas inscripciones de la experiencia del malestar contemporáneo en Chile, ...

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