• McCrossen, Alexis; Campbell, Howard; Greenberg, Amy S.; St. John, Rachel; Serna, Laura Isabel (2009)
    Published in cooperation with the William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies, Southern Methodist University. In Land of Necessity, historians and anthropologists unravel the interplay of the national and transnational ...
  • Sweeney, Megan (2023)
    Megan Sweeney tells an intimate story about family, selfhood, and love and loss, showing how her lifetime practice of sewing and mending clothes becomes a way of living.
  • Alvarez, Daniela; Uno, Roberta; Webb, Elizabeth M. (2024)
    Building on five years of national organizing by Arts in a Changing America, an artist-led initiative that challenges structural racism in the art world, FUTURE/PRESENT includes a range of poetry, essays and criticism, ...

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