• Burton, Eric; Dietrich, Anne; Harisch, Immanuel; Schenck, Marcia (2021)
    This edited volume firmly places African history into global history by highlighting connections between African and East German actors and institutions during the Cold War. With a special focus on negotiations and African ...
  • Eckert, Andreas (2016)
    First title of the new series Work in Global and Historical Perspective that introduces the conceptual approach towards the field of global labour history through a collection of essays chosen by the editors.
  • Kappelhoff, Hermann; Lötscher, Christine; Illger, Daniel (2018)
    Did 1968 fail? The question is misstated. For the significance and consequences of ’68 cannot be captured in a coherent narrative. That year appears as the point of culmination of a set of highly heterogeneous cultural, ...

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