Funded publications

  • Fuller, David; Saunders, Corinne; Macnaughton, Jane (2021)
    This open access book studies breath and breathing in literature and culture and provides crucial insights into the history of medicine, health and the emotions, the foundations of beliefs concerning body, spirit and world, ...
  • Bisschop, Peter; Yokochi, Yuko (2018)
    Skandapurāṇa IV presents a critical edition of Adhyāyas 70-95 from the Skandapurāṇa , with an introduction and annotated English synopsis. The text edited in this volume includes the myths of Viṣṇu’s manifestation as the ...
  • Onnekink, D.; de Bruin, R.; van der Haven, C.; Jensen, L.; Bruin de, R.; Haven van der, C.; Jensen, L.; Onnekink, D. (2016)
    Performances of Peace: Utrecht 1713 aims to rethink the significance of the Peace of Utrecht (1713) by exploring the nexus between culture and politics. This book is available in Open Access.

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