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  • Hennig-Pauka, Isabel; von Altrock, Alexandra (2023)
    This chapter describes major husbandry- and management-related factors affecting health, welfare and production efficiency in different swine husbandry systems. Given the current transformation in pig production, there are ...
  • Munguía-Ramírez, Berenice; Armenta-Leyva, Betsy; Giménez-Lirola, Luis; Wang, Chong; Zimmerman, Jeffrey J. (2023)
    In the recent past, disease control on swine farms was based on vaccination or intentional exposure to pathogens to stimulate immunity and protect against clinical disease. This one-dimensional strategy became increasingly ...
  • Pachón, Helena (2021)
    Using varied study designs (none of which can confirm causality), investigators assessed the health impact of wheat flour fortification after it was implemented at large scale in countries. Folic acid was the most studied ...