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dc.contributor.editorWu, Chin-Chia
dc.contributor.editorLin, Win-Chin
dc.description.abstractNine manuscripts were published in this Special Issue on “Theoretical and Computational Research in Various Scheduling Models, 2021” of the MDPI Mathematics journal, covering a wide range of topics connected to the theory and applications of various scheduling models and their extensions/generalizations. These topics include a road network maintenance project, cost reduction of the subcontracted resources, a variant of the relocation problem, a network of activities with generally distributed durations through a Markov chain, idea on how to improve the return loading rate problem by integrating the sub-tour reversal approach with the method of the theory of constraints, an extended solution method for optimizing the bi-objective no-idle permutation flowshop scheduling problem, the burn-in (B/I) procedure, the Pareto-scheduling problem with two competing agents, and three preemptive Pareto-scheduling problems with two competing agents, among others. We hope that the book will be of interest to those working in the area of various scheduling problems and provide a bridge to facilitate the interaction between researchers and practitioners in scheduling questions. Although discrete mathematics is a common method to solve scheduling problems, the further development of this method is limited due to the lack of general principles, which poses a major challenge in this research field.
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::G Reference, information & interdisciplinary subjects::GP Research & information: general
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::P Mathematics & science
dc.subject.otherlate work
dc.subject.othertrade-off curve
dc.subject.otherpolynomial time
dc.subject.othertwo agents
dc.subject.otherpareto frontier
dc.subject.otherapproximation algorithms
dc.subject.otherunrelated parallel machine scheduling
dc.subject.othersimulated annealing
dc.subject.othervariable neighborhood descent
dc.subject.otherproduction scheduling
dc.subject.otherproduction management
dc.subject.otherno-idle flowshop
dc.subject.otherreturn loading rate
dc.subject.othertotal transport distance
dc.subject.othernorthwest China
dc.subject.otherstochastic makespan
dc.subject.othermarkov activity network
dc.subject.otherphase-type distribution
dc.subject.otherresource-constrained scheduling
dc.subject.otherrelocation problem
dc.subject.otherflow shop
dc.subject.otherresource recycling
dc.subject.otherheuristic algorithms
dc.subject.otherant colony optimization
dc.subject.otherscheduling theory
dc.subject.otheroperations research
dc.subject.othersubcontracted resources
dc.subject.otherscheduling on parallel machines
dc.subject.otherrenewable and non-renewable resources
dc.subject.otherheuristic methods
dc.subject.otherlinear project
dc.subject.otherlinear scheduling method
dc.subject.otherequipment idleness
dc.subject.otherconstraint programming
dc.subject.otherequipment combination and configuration
dc.titleTheoretical and Computational Research in Various Scheduling Models

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