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dc.contributor.editorBrignone, Massimo
dc.contributor.editorMestriner, Daniele
dc.description.abstractWhen it comes to dealing with high voltages or issues of high electric currents, infrastructure security and people’s safety are of paramount importance. These kinds of phenomena have dangerous consequences, therefore studies concerning the effects of lightning are crucial. The normal operation of transmission and distribution systems is greatly affected by lightning, which is one of the major causes of power interruptions: direct or nearby indirect strikes can cause flashovers in overhead transmission and distribution lines, resulting in over voltages on the line conductors. Contributions to this Special Issue have mainly focused on modelling lightning activity, investigating physical causes, and discussing and testing mathematical models for the electromagnetic fields associated with lighting phenomena. In this framework, two main topics have emerged: 1) the interaction between lightning phenomena and electrical infrastructures, such as wind turbines and overhead lines; and 2) the computation of lightning electromagnetic fields in the case of particular configuration, considering a negatively charged artificial thunderstorm or considering a complex terrain with arbitrary topography
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::T Technology, engineering, agriculture::TB Technology: general issues
dc.subject.otherlightning protection system
dc.subject.otherwind turbine blades
dc.subject.otherANSYS workbench
dc.subject.othergraphics processing unit (GPU)
dc.subject.otherOpenACC (open accelerators)
dc.subject.otherfinite difference time domain (FDTD)
dc.subject.otherlightning magnetic fields
dc.subject.otherelectromagnetic field
dc.subject.otheranalytical formula
dc.subject.othercorona discharge
dc.subject.otherlightning protection
dc.subject.otherelectromagnetic pulse
dc.subject.otherlightning-induced voltages
dc.subject.othernumerical codes
dc.subject.otherdistribution lines
dc.subject.otherlightning-induced overvoltages
dc.subject.othergrounding modeling
dc.subject.othersoil resistivity
dc.subject.otherartificial thunderstorm cell
dc.subject.otherupward streamer discharges
dc.subject.otherelectromagnetic radiation spectrum
dc.subject.othertransmission line monitoring system
dc.subject.othermodel element
dc.subject.otherlightning surge
dc.subject.otheroverhead line
dc.subject.othertransient calculation
dc.titleLightning Modeling and Its Effects on Electric Infrastructures
oapen.pages122, Switzerland

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