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dc.contributor.editorKarapinar, Erdal
dc.contributor.editorMartínez-Moreno, Juan
dc.contributor.editorErhan, Inci M.
dc.description.abstractIn the past few decades, several interesting problems have been solved using fixed point theory. In addition to classical ordinary differential equations and integral equation, researchers also focus on fractional differential equations (FDE) and fractional integral equations (FIE). Indeed, FDE and FIE lead to a better understanding of several physical phenomena, which is why such differential equations have been highly appreciated and explored. We also note the importance of distinct abstract spaces, such as quasi-metric, b-metric, symmetric, partial metric, and dislocated metric. Sometimes, one of these spaces is more suitable for a particular application. Fixed point theory techniques in partial metric spaces have been used to solve classical problems of the semantic and domain theory of computer science. This book contains some very recent theoretical results related to some new types of contraction mappings defined in various types of spaces. There are also studies related to applications of the theoretical findings to mathematical models of specific problems, and their approximate computations. In this sense, this book will contribute to the area and provide directions for further developments in fixed point theory and its applications.
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::G Reference, Information and Interdisciplinary subjects::GP Research and information: generalen_US
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::P Mathematics and Scienceen_US
dc.subject.othercommon coupled fixed point
dc.subject.otherbv(s)-metric space
dc.subject.otherweakly compatible mapping
dc.subject.otherfixed point
dc.subject.otherweakly contractive
dc.subject.othervariational inequalities
dc.subject.otherinverse strongly monotone mappings
dc.subject.otherdemicontractive mappings
dc.subject.otherfixed point problems
dc.subject.otherHadamard spaces
dc.subject.othergeodesic space
dc.subject.otherconvex minimization problem
dc.subject.othercommon fixed point
dc.subject.otheriterative scheme
dc.subject.othersplit feasibility problem
dc.subject.othernull point problem
dc.subject.othergeneralized mixed equilibrium problem
dc.subject.othermonotone mapping
dc.subject.otherstrong convergence
dc.subject.otherHilbert space
dc.subject.otherthe condition (ℰμ)
dc.subject.otherstandard three-step iteration algorithm
dc.subject.otheruniformly convex Busemann space
dc.subject.othercompatible maps
dc.subject.othercommon fixed points
dc.subject.otherconvex metric spaces
dc.subject.othermultivalued maps
dc.subject.otherdirected graph
dc.subject.othermetric space
dc.subject.othercoupled fixed points
dc.subject.othercyclic maps
dc.subject.otheruniformly convex Banach space
dc.subject.othererror estimate
dc.subject.otherfixed points
dc.subject.othersymmetric spaces
dc.subject.otherbinary relations
dc.subject.otherregular spaces
dc.subject.otherb-metric space
dc.subject.otherb-metric-like spaces
dc.subject.otherCauchy sequence
dc.subject.otherpre-metric space
dc.subject.othertriangle inequality
dc.subject.otherweakly uniformly strict contraction
dc.subject.otherS-type tricyclic contraction
dc.subject.othermetric spaces
dc.subject.otherb2-metric space
dc.subject.otherbinary relation
dc.subject.otheralmost ℛg-Geraghty type contraction
dc.titleTheory and Application of Fixed Point
oapen.pages220, Switzerland

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