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dc.contributor.editorStavroulakis, Ioannis
dc.contributor.editorJafari, H
dc.description.abstractDelay, difference, functional, fractional, and partial differential equations have many applications in science and engineering. In this Special Issue, 29 experts co-authored 10 papers dealing with these subjects. A summary of the main points of these papers follows:Several oscillation conditions for a first-order linear differential equation with non-monotone delay are established in Oscillation Criteria for First Order Differential Equations with Non-Monotone Delays, whereas a sharp oscillation criterion using the notion of slowly varying functions is established in A Sharp Oscillation Criterion for a Linear Differential Equation with Variable Delay. The approximation of a linear autonomous differential equation with a small delay is considered in Approximation of a Linear Autonomous Differential Equation with Small Delay; the model of infection diseases by Marchuk is studied in Around the Model of Infection Disease: The Cauchy Matrix and Its Properties. Exact solutions to fractional-order Fokker–Planck equations are presented in New Exact Solutions and Conservation Laws to the Fractional-Order Fokker–Planck Equations, and a spectral collocation approach to solving a class of time-fractional stochastic heat equations driven by Brownian motion is constructed in A Collocation Approach for Solving Time-Fractional Stochastic Heat Equation Driven by an Additive Noise. A finite difference approximation method for a space fractional convection-diffusion model with variable coefficients is proposed in Finite Difference Approximation Method for a Space Fractional Convection–Diffusion Equation with Variable Coefficients; existence results for a nonlinear fractional difference equation with delay and impulses are established in On Nonlinear Fractional Difference Equation with Delay and Impulses. A complete Noether symmetry analysis of a generalized coupled Lane–Emden–Klein–Gordon–Fock system with central symmetry is provided in Oscillation Criteria for First Order Differential Equations with Non-Monotone Delays, and new soliton solutions of a fractional Jaulent soliton Miodek system via symmetry analysis are presented in New Soliton Solutions of Fractional Jaulent-Miodek System with Symmetry Analysis.
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::G Reference, information & interdisciplinary subjects::GP Research & information: general
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::P Mathematics & science
dc.subject.otherintegro–differential systems
dc.subject.otherCauchy matrix
dc.subject.otherexponential stability
dc.subject.otherdistributed control
dc.subject.otherdelay differential equation
dc.subject.otherordinary differential equation
dc.subject.otherasymptotic equivalence
dc.subject.othervariable delay
dc.subject.otherdeviating argument
dc.subject.othernon-monotone argument
dc.subject.otherslowly varying function
dc.subject.otherCrank–Nicolson scheme
dc.subject.otherShifted Grünwald–Letnikov approximation
dc.subject.otherspace fractional convection-diffusion model
dc.subject.othervariable coefficients
dc.subject.otherstability analysis
dc.subject.otherLane-Emden-Klein-Gordon-Fock system with central symmetry
dc.subject.otherNoether symmetries
dc.subject.otherconservation laws
dc.subject.otherdifferential equations
dc.subject.othernon-monotone delays
dc.subject.otherfractional calculus
dc.subject.otherstochastic heat equation
dc.subject.otheradditive noise
dc.subject.otherchebyshev polynomials of sixth kind
dc.subject.othererror estimate
dc.subject.otherfractional difference equations
dc.subject.otherfractional Jaulent-Miodek (JM) system
dc.subject.otherfractional logistic function method
dc.subject.othersymmetry analysis
dc.subject.otherlie point symmetry analysis
dc.subject.otherapproximate conservation laws
dc.subject.otherapproximate nonlinear self-adjointness
dc.subject.otherperturbed fractional differential equations
dc.titleNew developments in Functional and Fractional Differential Equations and in Lie Symmetry
oapen.pages155, Switzerland

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