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dc.contributor.editorChen, Chi-Hua
dc.contributor.editorLo, Kuen-Rong
dc.description.abstractThis book introduces the Special Issue entitled “Applications of Internet of Things”, of ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information. Topics covered in this issue include three main parts: (I) intelligent transportation systems (ITSs), (II) location-based services (LBSs), and (III) sensing techniques and applications. Three papers on ITSs are as follows: (1) “Vehicle positioning and speed estimation based on cellular network signals for urban roads,” by Lai and Kuo; (2) “A method for traffic congestion clustering judgment based on grey relational analysis,” by Zhang et al.; and (3) “Smartphone-based pedestrian’s avoidance behavior recognition towards opportunistic road anomaly detection,” by Ishikawa and Fujinami. Three papers on LBSs are as follows: (1) “A high-efficiency method of mobile positioning based on commercial vehicle operation data,” by Chen et al.; (2) “Efficient location privacy-preserving k-anonymity method based on the credible chain,” by Wang et al.; and (3) “Proximity-based asynchronous messaging platform for location-based Internet of things service,” by Gon Jo et al. Two papers on sensing techniques and applications are as follows: (1) “Detection of electronic anklet wearers’ groupings throughout telematics monitoring,” by Machado et al.; and (2) “Camera coverage estimation based on multistage grid subdivision,” by Wang et al.
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::T Technology, engineering, agriculture::TB Technology: general issues
dc.subject.otherurban traffic
dc.subject.othergrey relational membership degree
dc.subject.othertraffic congestion judgment
dc.subject.othermobile positioning
dc.subject.othercommercial vehicle operation data
dc.subject.othercellular network
dc.subject.othercloud computing
dc.subject.otherlocation-based service
dc.subject.otherInternet of Things
dc.subject.otherdistributed system architecture
dc.subject.otherintelligent transportation system
dc.subject.othercellular networks
dc.subject.othervehicle positioning
dc.subject.otherspeed estimation
dc.subject.othermachine learning
dc.subject.otherroad anomaly
dc.subject.otherbehavior recognition
dc.subject.otheropportunistic sensing
dc.subject.otheranklet monitoring and tracking
dc.subject.otherdetection algorithms
dc.subject.otherLaw Enforcement Telecommunications Systems (LETS)
dc.subject.othersensor data fusion
dc.subject.othercamera coverage estimation
dc.subject.othermultistage grid subdivision
dc.subject.otherline of sight
dc.subject.otherviewshed analysis
dc.subject.otherlocation-based services
dc.subject.otherlocation privacy
dc.subject.otherthe credible chain
dc.titleApplications of Internet of Things
oapen.pages162, Switzerland

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