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dc.contributor.editorRomano, Lucia
dc.description.abstractMetal-assisted chemical etching (MacEtch) has recently emerged as a new etching technique capable of fabricating high aspect ratio nano- and microstructures in a few semiconductors substrates—Si, Ge, poly-Si, GaAs, and SiC—and using different catalysts—Ag, Au, Pt, Pd, Cu, Ni, and Rh. Several shapes have been demonstrated with a high anisotropy and feature size in the nanoscale—nanoporous films, nanowires, 3D objects, and trenches, which are useful components of photonic devices, microfluidic devices, bio-medical devices, batteries, Vias, MEMS, X-ray optics, etc. With no limitations of large-areas and low-cost processing, MacEtch can open up new opportunities for several applications where high precision nano- and microfabrication is required. This can make semiconductor manufacturing more accessible to researchers in various fields, and accelerate innovation in electronics, bio-medical engineering, energy, and photonics. Accordingly, this Special Issue seeks to showcase research papers, short communications, and review articles that focus on novel methodological developments in MacEtch, and its use for various applications.
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::T Technology, engineering, agriculture::TB Technology: general issues::TBX History of engineering & technology
dc.subject.otherporous silicon
dc.subject.otherPd nanoparticles-assisted chemical etching
dc.subject.otheretching rate
dc.subject.otherethanol electrooxidation
dc.subject.otherX-ray diffractive optics
dc.subject.otherzone plate
dc.subject.otherhigh aspect ratio nanostructures
dc.subject.othermetal-assisted chemical etching
dc.subject.otherelectroless deposition
dc.subject.otherAl2O3 nanotube
dc.subject.otherultra-high aspect ratio
dc.subject.othergold (Au) metal assisted chemical etching
dc.subject.otheratomic layer deposition
dc.subject.otheranisotropic dry etching
dc.subject.othersilicon cones
dc.subject.othermetal assisted chemical etching
dc.subject.othertransversal pores
dc.subject.otherblack GaAs
dc.subject.otherphoton recycling
dc.subject.otherX-ray grating interferometry
dc.subject.othergold electroplating
dc.subject.othermagnetically guided metal-assisted chemical etching
dc.subject.otherbulk Si etching
dc.subject.othercurved Si structure
dc.subject.othercatalyst encapsulation
dc.titleMicro- and Nano-Fabrication by Metal Assisted Chemical Etching
oapen.pages106, Switzerland

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