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dc.contributor.editorZapata-Barrero , Ricard
dc.contributor.editorYalaz, Evren 23:55 13:36:15
dc.identifierOCN: 1043846131
dc.description.abstractThis open access book covers the main issues, challenges and techniques concerning the application of qualitative methodologies to the study of migration. It discusses theoretical, epistemological and empirical questions that must be considered before, during, and after undertaking qualitative research in migration studies. It also covers recent innovative developments and addresses the key issues and major challenges that qualitative migration research may face at different stages i.e. crafting the research questions, defining approaches, developing concepts and theoretical frameworks, mapping categories, selecting cases, dealing with concerns of self-reflection, collecting and processing empirical evidence through various techniques, including visual data, dealing with ethical issues, and developing policy-research dialogues. Each chapter discusses relative strengths and limitations of qualitative research. The chapters also identify the main drivers for qualitative research development in migration studies. It is a unique volume as it brings together a multidisciplinary perspective as well as illustrations of different issues derived from the research experience of the recognized authors. One additional value of this book is its geographic focus on Europe. It seeks to explore theoretical and methodological issues that are raised by distinctive features of the European context. This volume will be a useful reference source for scholars and professionals in migration studies and in social sciences as well. The publication is also addressed to graduate and post-graduate students and, more generally, to those who embark on the task of doing qualitative research for the first time in the field of migration.
dc.rightsopen access
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::J Society and Social Sciences::JB Society and culture: general::JBF Social and ethical issues::JBFH Migration, immigration and emigrationen_US
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::5 Interest qualifiers::5P Relating to specific groups and cultures or social and cultural interests::5PB Relating to peoples: ethnic groups, indigenous peoples, cultures and other groupings of people::5PBC Relating to migrant groups / diaspora communities or peoplesen_US
dc.subject.otherEuropean migration studies
dc.subject.otherMethodology of social sciences
dc.subject.otherQualitative research methods
dc.subject.otherHuman mobility
dc.subject.otherOpen access
dc.subject.otherMigration Studies
dc.subject.otherQualitative methodology
dc.subject.otherEuropean migration research
dc.subject.otherEpistemology in migration research
dc.subject.otherInterdisciplinary migration research
dc.titleQualitative Research in European Migration Studies
oapen.relation.isbn9783319768618; 9783319768601
oapen.collectionEuropean Research Council (ERC)

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