• Melrose, Sherri; Park, Caroline; Perry, Beth (2021-08-30)
  • Farrelly, Trisia; Taffel, Sy; Shaw, Ian (2021-07-08)
    There is virtually nowhere on Earth today that remains untouched by plastic and ecosystems are evolving to adapt to this new context. While plastics have revolutionized our modern world, new and often unforeseen effects ...
  • Carleton, Sean; McCoy, Ted; Smith, Julia (2021-05-31)
    The work of Bryan D. Palmer, one of North America’s leading historians, has influenced the fields of labour history, social history, discourse analysis, communist history, and Canadian history, as well as the theoretical ...
  • Alatlı, Alev (2010-10)
    From the first quarter of the 18th century until the start of the 19th century, when the Ottoman Empire was passing through a period of regression, European civilization entered a deep and complex crisis.

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