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dc.contributor.authorWakabayashi, Genichiro
dc.contributor.authorYamada, Takahiro
dc.contributor.authorEndo, Tomohiro
dc.contributor.authorPyeon, Cheol Ho
dc.description.abstractThis open access book is a pedagogical text on nuclear reactor experiments, covering almost all the experiments that can be carried out at the University Training Reactor, Kindai University (UTR-KINKI) with respect to reactor physics and radiation detection, and additionally including academic materials of test and research reactors, nuclear instrumentation, nuclear laws and regulations, in this main body. The book is an excellent primer for students who are interested in reactor physics, radiation detection, nuclear laws and regulations at universities, and the best textbook for students who have started to study the nuclear energy related fields to understand the basic theories and principles of the experiments in the fields of reactor physics and radiation detection. UTR-KINKI has been used for educational reactor experiments and basic research in a wide range of fields related to the use of radiation (neutrons, gamma-ray, beta-ray, alpha-ray, and X-ray), including reactor physics, radiation detection, radiation health physics, activation analysis, radiation biology, medical applications and archaeology. Also, UTR-KINKI has been actively engaged in nuclear education with its long history of operation, and has gained extensive experience in educational activities for undergraduate and graduate students, elementary, junior high and high school teachers, junior high and high school students, and general audiences.
dc.rightsopen access
dc.subject.otherNuclear Reactor Physics
dc.subject.otherNuclear Education
dc.subject.otherReactor Physics
dc.subject.otherRadiation Detection
dc.subject.otherTest and Research Reactors
dc.subject.otherNuclear Instrumentation
dc.subject.otherNuclear Laws and Regulations
dc.subject.otherthema EDItEUR::P Mathematics and Science::PH Physics::PHM Atomic and molecular physics
dc.subject.otherthema EDItEUR::T Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Industrial processes::TH Energy technology and engineering::THK Nuclear power and engineering
dc.subject.otherthema EDItEUR::P Mathematics and Science::PH Physics::PHP Particle and high-energy physics
dc.titleIntroduction to Nuclear Reactor Experiments
oapen.relation.isFundedByMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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