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dc.contributor.editorSantos, Paulo
dc.description.abstractThis second volume of the Special Issue includes 13 contributions, from across the world, with very interesting research topics such as: Energy Intensity Reduction; Large-Scale Non-Residential Buildings; Dynamic Control of HVAC with Heat Pumps; Reed Potential as a Regenerative Building Material and Their Performance Characterisation; Experimental Evaluation of Energy-Efficiency in a Holistically Designed Building; A Case Study of Design and Energy Performance Analysis of a Hotel Building in a Hot and Dry Climate; Internal Convective and Radiative Heat Transfer Coefficients for a Vertical Wall in a Residential Building; Passive Façade Performance Evaluation with Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) during the Architectural Design Process; Thermal Performance Improvement of Double-Pane Lightweight Steel Framed (LSF) Walls Using Thermal Break Strips (TBS) and Reflective Foils; Energy Performance of Buildings with Thermochromic Windows in Mediterranean Climates; Energy Performance and Benchmarking for University Classrooms in Hot and Humid Climates; Effect of HVAC’s Management on Indoor Thermo-Hygrometric Comfort and Energy Balance: In Situ Assessments on a Real nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB); Stochastic-Based Optimisation Approach towards the Integration of Photovoltaic Panels in Multi-Residential Social Housing; Effect of Climate Change and Occupant Behaviour on the Environmental Impact of the Heating/Cooling Systems of a Real Apartment: A Parametric Study through Life Cycle Assessment; Road Thermal Collector for Building Heating in South Europe (Italy): Numerical Modeling and Design of an Experimental Set-Up.
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::T Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Industrial processes::TB Technology: general issuesen_US
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::T Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Industrial processes::TD Industrial chemistry and manufacturing technologies::TDC Industrial chemistry and chemical engineeringen_US
dc.subject.otherenergy efficiency improvement
dc.subject.otherHVAC operation
dc.subject.otherdynamic optimization
dc.subject.otherreed (Arundo donax)
dc.subject.othermaterial characterisation
dc.subject.othernatural materials
dc.subject.othervernacular architecture
dc.subject.otherenergy management system
dc.subject.otherbuilding performance
dc.subject.otherthermal performance
dc.subject.otherindoor comfort
dc.subject.otherenergy performance
dc.subject.otherdesign parameters
dc.subject.otherenergy simulation
dc.subject.otherbuilding envelope
dc.subject.otherheat transfer coefficient
dc.subject.otherclimate-adaptive building shells
dc.subject.othersustainable design
dc.subject.otherenergy efficiency
dc.subject.othershape-memory alloy
dc.subject.otherclimate change
dc.subject.otherexperimental assessment
dc.subject.otherlightweight steel frame (LSF)
dc.subject.otherpartition walls
dc.subject.otheraerogel thermal break strips
dc.subject.otheraluminium reflective foils
dc.subject.otherthermochromic coatings
dc.subject.othersolar transmittance
dc.subject.othersolar reflectance
dc.subject.otherEnergy Use Intensity
dc.subject.otherhigher education buildings
dc.subject.otherenergy consumption
dc.subject.otherhot and humid climates
dc.subject.otherHVAC management
dc.subject.othermonitoring campaign
dc.subject.otherload matching
dc.subject.othercomputational fluid dynamics
dc.subject.othersocial housing
dc.subject.otherenergy demand
dc.subject.otherenergy refurbishment
dc.subject.otherinternal gains
dc.subject.otheroccupation rate
dc.subject.otherlife cycle cost
dc.subject.otherlife cycle assessment (LCA)
dc.subject.otherReCiPe indicator
dc.subject.otherglobal warming potential (GWP) indicator
dc.subject.otherenvironmental impact
dc.subject.otherheating and cooling systems
dc.subject.otheroccupant behaviour
dc.subject.otherroad thermal collector
dc.subject.otherborehole thermal storage
dc.subject.otheralternative energy system
dc.titleVolume II: Thermal Behaviour, Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Sustainable Construction

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