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dc.contributor.editorCho, Jun Dong
dc.description.abstractThis book conveyed the visual elements of artwork to the visually impaired through various sensory elements to open a new perspective for appreciating visual artwork. In addition, the technique of expressing a color code by integrating patterns, temperatures, scents, music, and vibrations was explored, and future research topics were presented. A holistic experience using multi-sensory interaction acquired by people with visual impairment was provided to convey the meaning and contents of the work through rich multi-sensory appreciation. A method that allows people with visual impairments to engage in artwork using a variety of senses, including touch, temperature, tactile pattern, and sound, helps them to appreciate artwork at a deeper level than can be achieved with hearing or touch alone. The development of such art appreciation aids for the visually impaired will ultimately improve their cultural enjoyment and strengthen their access to culture and the arts. The development of this new concept aids ultimately expands opportunities for the non-visually impaired as well as the visually impaired to enjoy works of art and breaks down the boundaries between the disabled and the non-disabled in the field of culture and arts through continuous efforts to enhance accessibility. In addition, the developed multi-sensory expression and delivery tool can be used as an educational tool to increase product and artwork accessibility and usability through multi-modal interaction. Training the multi-sensory experiences introduced in this book may lead to more vivid visual imageries or seeing with the mind’s eye.
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::A The arts
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::A The arts::AF Art forms::AFC Painting & paintings
dc.subject.othervisually impaired people
dc.subject.otherart appreciation
dc.subject.othertemperature-depth coding
dc.subject.otherthermal interaction
dc.subject.otheruser experience
dc.subject.othervisually impaired
dc.subject.othercolor sound coding
dc.subject.otheraccessibility technology
dc.subject.othermultimodal interaction
dc.subject.otherauditory interface
dc.subject.othertouch interface
dc.subject.othervision impairment
dc.subject.othervisual impairment
dc.subject.othermuseum exhibits
dc.subject.othercolor identification
dc.subject.othertactile perception
dc.subject.othercross modular association
dc.subject.otheruniversal design
dc.subject.otherpeople with visual impairment
dc.subject.otherassistive technology
dc.subject.otherimage accessibility
dc.subject.othernonvisual feedback
dc.subject.othersystematic review
dc.subject.othermusic recommendation system
dc.subject.othermultimedia data processing
dc.subject.otherweakly supervised learning
dc.subject.othersoundscape music
dc.subject.othermedia art
dc.subject.otherexhibition environments
dc.subject.othermulti-sensory interaction
dc.subject.othermulti-sensory interface
dc.subject.otherscent interface
dc.titleMulti-Sensory Interaction for Blind and Visually Impaired People

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