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dc.contributor.editorDiele, Fasma
dc.description.abstractThe present book contains the articles published in the Special Issue “Differential Equation Models in Applied Mathematics: Theoretical and Numerical Challenges” of the MDPI journal Mathematics. The Special Issue aimed to highlight old and new challenges in the formulation, solution, understanding, and interpretation of models of differential equations (DEs) in different real world applications. The technical topics covered in the seven articles published in this book include: asymptotic properties of high order nonlinear DEs, analysis of backward bifurcation, and stability analysis of fractional-order differential systems. Models oriented to real applications consider the chemotactic between cell species, the mechanism of on-off intermittency in food chain models, and the occurrence of hysteresis in marketing. Numerical aspects deal with the preservation of mass and positivity and the efficient solution of Boundary Value Problems (BVPs) for optimal control problems. I hope that this collection will be useful for those working in the area of modelling real-word applications through differential equations and those who care about an accurate numerical approximation of their solutions. The reading is also addressed to those willing to become familiar with differential equations which, due to their predictive abilities, represent the main mathematical tool for applying scenario analysis to our changing world.
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::G Reference, information & interdisciplinary subjects::GP Research & information: general
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::P Mathematics & science
dc.subject.otherepidemic models
dc.subject.otherbackward bifurcation
dc.subject.otherreferral marketing
dc.subject.othermulti-domain network
dc.subject.othertransmission conditions
dc.subject.otherfinite difference schemes
dc.subject.otherreaction-diffusion models
dc.subject.otherfractional differential equations
dc.subject.otherlinear systems
dc.subject.othermulti-order systems
dc.subject.otherMittag–Leffler function
dc.subject.otheron–off intermittency
dc.subject.otherdynamical systems
dc.subject.othertheoretical ecology
dc.subject.otherstochastic forcing
dc.subject.otherhastings-powell model
dc.subject.otherfood chain
dc.subject.otherSobolev type equation
dc.subject.otherinverse problem
dc.subject.otherhigh-order equation
dc.subject.othermethod of successive approximations
dc.subject.otherpolynomial boundedness of operator pencils
dc.subject.otherfourth-order differential equations
dc.subject.otherneutral delay
dc.subject.otheroptimal control
dc.subject.otherindirect methods
dc.subject.otherboundary value problems
dc.titleDifferential Equation Models in Applied Mathematics
dc.title.alternativeTheoretical and Numerical Challenges

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