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dc.contributor.editorDi Giacomo, Gabriele
dc.description.abstractThe book is a collection of scientific contributions that highlight how scientific and technological evolution can change the paradigm of organic waste as an environmental problem into a renewable resource of energy and materials. Numerous researchers and research institutions that are located in different countries with varying levels of socio-economic development and other traditions were involved in this work. The materials that were considered include household waste, including human excreta and those generated by typical urban activities. The organic waste was derived from the agro-industrial sector and from packaging labelled as being biodegradable. Problems related to the detoxification of aquatic plants are discussed and the use of these plants for their ability to produce biomethane is documented simultaneously. An organic waste management strategy that was developed in the Albania context is also presented and discussed. Anaerobic digestion is one of the most widely studied technologies in this field, and this process is responsible for the production of biogas or methane, even in fossil resource-rich countries. On the other hand, aerobic fermentation is considered for the degradation of very toxic organic substances that can be dissolved into aqueous solutions that aid in the recovery of valuable materials from electrical and electronic equipment that do not have further use. There are a wide range of arguments and experiences that support the use of waste as a resource through disposal with simultaneous energy enhancement and the production of new materials, thus limiting the use of non-renewable resources for more sustainable development for the benefit of future generations.
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::T Technology, engineering, agriculture::TB Technology: general issues::TBX History of engineering & technology
dc.subject.otherbiogas plants
dc.subject.otheranaerobic digestion
dc.subject.otherplant monitoring
dc.subject.otherprocess optimization
dc.subject.otherenvironment technologies
dc.subject.otherwaste management
dc.subject.otherorganic waste
dc.subject.otherorganic waste projection
dc.subject.otherPistia stratiotes L. plants
dc.subject.othercopper bioremoval
dc.subject.otheranaerobic degradation of hazardous plants
dc.subject.otherenvironmental biotechnology
dc.subject.otherbiomethane production
dc.subject.othersewage sludge
dc.subject.otherorganic matter
dc.subject.otherenergy saving
dc.subject.otheralternative fuel
dc.subject.otherstarch- and polylactic acid-based material
dc.subject.othermethane production
dc.subject.othersurface roughness
dc.subject.othertensile strength
dc.subject.otherFTIR and microscopic analyses
dc.subject.othergreenhouse gas
dc.subject.othereconomic feasibility
dc.subject.othertetramethylammonium hydroxide
dc.subject.otherindustrial and organic wastewater
dc.subject.otherE&S industry
dc.subject.otherpilot scale activity
dc.subject.otheraerobic treatment
dc.subject.otherchemical precipitation
dc.subject.othersafeguard and groundwater quality
dc.subject.otherwater quality
dc.subject.otherbrewing industry
dc.subject.otherresidual brewer’s grains
dc.subject.otherCd(II) ions
dc.subject.otherbiogas plant
dc.subject.othercircular economy
dc.subject.othermunicipal waste
dc.subject.otherodour nuisance
dc.subject.otherorganic fraction from municipal solid waste
dc.subject.otherfreshwater from the sea
dc.subject.otherpurification of municipal wastewater
dc.subject.otherosmotic energy
dc.subject.otherreverse osmosis
dc.subject.otherpressure retarded osmosis
dc.subject.otherprocess integration
dc.subject.otherenergy efficiency
dc.subject.otherenvironmental sustainability
dc.titleMaterials and Energy Recovery from the Final Disposal of Organic Waste

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