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dc.contributor.editorHe, Baojie
dc.contributor.editorSharifi, Ayyoob
dc.contributor.editorFeng, Chi
dc.contributor.editorYang, Jun
dc.description.abstractOur world is facing many challenges, such as poverty, hunger, resource shortage, environmental degradation, climate change, and increased inequalities and conflicts. To address such challenges, the United Nations proposed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), consisting of 17 interlinked global goals, as the strategic blueprint of world sustainable development. Nevertheless, the implementation of the SDG framework has been very challenging and the COVID-19 pandemic has further impeded the SDG implementation progress. Accelerated efforts are needed to enable all stakeholders, ranging from national and local governments, civil society, private sector, academia and youth, to contribute to addressing this dilemma. This volume of the Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability book series aims to offer inspiration and creativity on approaches to sustainable development. Among other things, it covers topics of COVID-19 and sustainability, environmental pollution, food production, clean energy, low-carbon transport promotion, and strategic governance for sustainable initiatives. This book can reveal facts about the challenges we are facing on the one hand and provide a better understanding of drivers, barriers, and motivations to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all on the other. Research presented in this volume can provide different stakeholders, including planners and policy makers, with better solutions for the implementation of SDGs. Prof. Bao-Jie He acknowledges the Project NO. 2021CDJQY-004 supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities. We appreciate the assistance from Mr. Lifeng Xiong, Mr. Wei Wang, Ms. Xueke Chen and Ms. Anxian Chen at School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chongqing University, China.
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::G Reference, Information and Interdisciplinary subjects::GP Research and information: generalen_US
dc.subject.otherclimate change
dc.subject.othersustainable development goals
dc.subject.otherurban transformation
dc.subject.otherbuilt environment
dc.titleClimate Change and Environmental Sustainability-Volume 2

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