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dc.contributor.authorHartnoll, Sean A.
dc.contributor.authorLucas, Andrew
dc.contributor.authorSachdev, Subir
dc.description.abstractA comprehensive overview of holographic methods in quantum matter, written by pioneers in the field. This book, written by pioneers in the field, offers a comprehensive overview of holographic methods in quantum matter. It covers influential developments in theoretical physics, making the key concepts accessible to researchers and students in both high energy and condensed matter physics. The book provides a unique combination of theoretical and historical context, technical results, extensive references to the literature, and exercises. It will give readers the ability to understand the important problems in the field, both those that have been solved and those that remain unsolved, and will enable them to engage directly with the current literature. The book describes a particular interface between condensed matter physics, gravitational physics, and string and quantum field theory made possible by holographic duality. The chapters cover such topics as the essential workings of the holographic correspondence; strongly interacting quantum matter at a fixed commensurate density; compressible quantum matter with a variable density; transport in quantum matter; the holographic description of symmetry broken phases; and the relevance of the topics covered to experimental challenges in specific quantum materials. Holographic Quantum Matter promises to be the definitive presentation of this material.
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::P Mathematics & science::PH Physics::PHV Applied physics::PHVS Cryogenics
dc.subject.otherquantum matter
dc.subject.othercondensed matter
dc.subject.othercondensed matter physics
dc.subject.otherquantum field theory
dc.subject.otherholographic duality
dc.subject.otherblack hole
dc.subject.othertheoretical physics
dc.subject.otherquantum gravity
dc.subject.otherholographic principle
dc.subject.othergauge theory
dc.subject.otherstring theory
dc.subject.otheradSCFT correspondence
dc.subject.otheranti-de Sitterconformal field theory correspondence
dc.subject.otherMaldacena duality
dc.subject.othergaugegravity duality
dc.subject.otherholographic correspondence
dc.titleHolographic Quantum Matter
oapen.imprintThe MIT Press

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