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dc.contributor.editorKim, Ju-Hyung
dc.description.abstractIn the last few decades, organic materials (or carbon-based materials in a broad sense), including polymers, have received much attention for their potential applications in electronics, because they have outstanding advantages such as high processibility, mechanical flexibility, and low weight. Extensive research efforts have thus been devoted to the development and advancement of organic materials for various applications, covering a wide range from molecular design to device fabrication methods. In addition, it has been recognized that surfaces and interfaces play a crucial role in the operation and performance of the devices. For instance, various interactions at organic–metal interfaces are of great importance in organic epitaxy, and also have a strong correlation with intermolecular structures and their electronic properties. In this context, the main focus of this Special Issue was collecting scientific contributions addressing surface and interface engineering with organic materials, and related applications. The diversity of contributions presented in this Special Issue exhibits relevant progress and the potential of organic materials in a variety of applications that are not limited to the fabrication of organic devices.
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::T Technology, engineering, agriculture::TB Technology: general issues
dc.subject.othersilk fibroin
dc.subject.otherhybrid nanoflowers surface
dc.subject.otherPb(II) removal
dc.subject.otherinteraction mechanism
dc.subject.otheroff-axis conic surface
dc.subject.othershape accuracy
dc.subject.othersingle CGH
dc.subject.otherhybrid compensation
dc.subject.otherorganic electronics
dc.subject.otherliquid semiconductors
dc.subject.othercharge injection
dc.subject.othersurface engineering
dc.subject.othercrack engineering
dc.subject.othereutectic gallium indium
dc.subject.otherliquid metal
dc.subject.othergallium alloy
dc.subject.otherflexible photodetector
dc.subject.otherflexible electronics
dc.subject.otherperovskite solar cells
dc.subject.otherperformance improvement
dc.subject.otherlead acetate
dc.subject.othercesium doping
dc.subject.otherstimuli-responsive hydrogels
dc.subject.otherthermogelling polymers
dc.subject.othersol–gel transition behaviors
dc.subject.othercomplex colloidal systems
dc.subject.otherconducting polymer
dc.subject.otherelectrical conductivity
dc.subject.otherprocessing additive
dc.subject.otherlinear glycol
dc.subject.othersigmoidal function
dc.subject.otherliquid metals
dc.subject.othergallium alloys
dc.subject.otherflexible electronics photodetectors
dc.subject.othersolar-blind photodetection
dc.titleSurface and Interface Engineering for Organic Device Applications
oapen.pages114, Switzerland

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