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dc.contributor.editorPomares, Jorge
dc.description.abstractVisual servoing is a well-known approach to guide robots using visual information. Image processing, robotics, and control theory are combined in order to control the motion of a robot depending on the visual information extracted from the images captured by one or several cameras. With respect to vision issues, a number of issues are currently being addressed by ongoing research, such as the use of different types of image features (or different types of cameras such as RGBD cameras), image processing at high velocity, and convergence properties. As shown in this book, the use of new control schemes allows the system to behave more robustly, efficiently, or compliantly, with fewer delays. Related issues such as optimal and robust approaches, direct control, path tracking, or sensor fusion are also addressed. Additionally, we can currently find visual servoing systems being applied in a number of different domains. This book considers various aspects of visual servoing systems, such as the design of new strategies for their application to parallel robots, mobile manipulators, teleoperation, and the application of this type of control system in new areas.
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::T Technology, engineering, agriculture::TB Technology: general issues
dc.subject.otherhead-mounted display
dc.subject.othervirtual reality
dc.subject.othermotion-to-photon latency
dc.subject.otherHydraulic Servo System
dc.subject.otherBilateral Control
dc.subject.otherEstimated Reaction Force
dc.subject.otherMaster–Slave Configuration and Nuclear Power Plant
dc.subject.otherspray painting robot
dc.subject.otherTTOI problem
dc.subject.othervisual compass
dc.subject.otherorientation estimation
dc.subject.otherhybrid features
dc.subject.otherplane tracking
dc.subject.othervanishing direction
dc.subject.otherManhattan World
dc.subject.otherRGB-D camera
dc.subject.othervisual servoing
dc.subject.otheroptimal control
dc.subject.othermobile manipulator
dc.subject.otherdynamic control
dc.subject.otherfuzzy neural network
dc.subject.othersliding mode control
dc.subject.otherpicking robot
dc.subject.otherparallel robot
dc.subject.otherdynamic model
dc.subject.otherclosed-loop output-error identification
dc.subject.otheroptical CMM sensor
dc.subject.otherimage-based visual servoing
dc.subject.otherimage feature loss
dc.subject.otherindustrial robots
dc.subject.otherswitch control
dc.titleVisual Servoing in Robotics
oapen.pages166, Switzerland

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