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dc.contributor.editorArcuri, Natale
dc.contributor.editorBruno, Roberto
dc.contributor.editorBevilacqua, Piero
dc.description.abstractThe Building sector requires a conspicuous considerable amount of energy for services related to annual air-conditioning and the thermal comfort of indoor spaces. The design of highly efficient low-energy buildings is often a challenging task, especially in the mediterranean area, where the balanced requirement for heating and cooling energy does not usually permit a high level of envelope insulation in order to avoid summer overheating. This topical Special Issue of Energies is dedicated to “High Efficient Buildings in Mediterranean Area: Challenges and Perspectives” and collects studies related to the assessment and evaluation of systems and technologies for building energy management and control in the Mediterranean climate, with the aim of optimizing the building–plant system and reducing energy use. This collection of papers presents the latest research results related to the topic; these articles offer valuable insights into the energy simulation of highly efficient buildings, propose innovative envelope solutions, such as green roofs, Trombe walls, and PCM, and investigate the use of renewable sources such as photovoltaic systems. The topics also include the innovative use and control of Venetian blinds and fixed solar shades in order to reduce energy consumption and preserve visual comfort, as well as an interesting economic analysis based on the cost-optimal approach.
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::G Reference, information & interdisciplinary subjects::GP Research & information: general
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::T Technology, engineering, agriculture::TB Technology: general issues
dc.subject.othergeothermal energy system
dc.subject.otherenergy storage units
dc.subject.otherenergy transactions
dc.subject.otherlife cycle cost assessment
dc.subject.otherpayback period
dc.subject.otherbuilding design
dc.subject.othercost-optimal analysis
dc.subject.othereconomic projections
dc.subject.othersmart solar shading
dc.subject.otherenergy saving
dc.subject.othervenetian blinds
dc.subject.othertrombe wall
dc.subject.otherexperimental analysis
dc.subject.othersolar gains
dc.subject.otherPCM thermal storage
dc.subject.otherbioclimatic strategy
dc.subject.othertraditional constructive technology
dc.subject.otherwine vinification
dc.subject.otherenergetic retrofit
dc.subject.othershading systems
dc.subject.othermulti-objective optimization
dc.subject.otherenergy savings
dc.subject.othervisual comfort
dc.subject.otherrenewable energy sources
dc.subject.otherPV systems configurations
dc.subject.otherenergy storage
dc.subject.othernet present value
dc.subject.otheremission reduction
dc.subject.otherweather data
dc.subject.othertypical weather year
dc.subject.otherbuilding energy simulations
dc.subject.otherresidential building
dc.subject.otherenergy demand
dc.subject.otherenergy efficiency policy
dc.subject.othernearly zero energy building
dc.subject.otherPositive Energy Building
dc.subject.otherenergy performance of buildings
dc.subject.otherthermal behaviour
dc.subject.otherthermal dynamic simulation
dc.subject.otherprefabricated buildings
dc.subject.otherbuilding energy performance
dc.subject.otherphase change materials
dc.subject.othergreen roof
dc.subject.otherthermal behavior
dc.subject.otherdynamic model
dc.titleHigh Efficient Buildings in Mediterranean Area
dc.title.alternativeChallenges and Perspectives
oapen.pages234, Switzerland

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