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dc.contributor.authorWalraet, Pierre-Paul
dc.contributor.editorDupont, Anthony
dc.contributor.editorEguiarte Bendímez, Enrique
dc.contributor.editorAlberto Villabona Vargas, Carlos
dc.description.abstractLove, harmony, unity, and peace are key to Augustine’s ideal of the religious life. Augustine’s Praeceptum is explored from the perspective of peace. The monastic precepts, admonitions and recommendations elaborated in the Praeceptum are geared toward peace in the community and finally toward eternal peace (in Deum, in pace). To this end, the Praeceptum emphasizes harmonious living together in community, observing the community of goods, fostering mutual respect in common and personal prayer, avoiding cases of anger and dealing with them, fraternal correction through a restorative process, love that is not self-seeking but serves the common good, religious obedience to the superior. The brothers are called to seek peace and pursue it, aware that the peace here on Earth is still imperfect. The Praeceptum reflects aspects of Augustine’s vision and teaching on peace elaborated in Book XIX of the De Civitate Dei. In his Ennarationes in Psalmos the bishop of Hippo uses images of a harbor, a furnace and a cartwheel to illustrate challenges in achieving peace, and points out faulty expectations for peaceful life in a religious community. Authentic peace lived in community strengthens the longing and love for the spiritual beauty of God who is Perfect Peace
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::H Humanities::HR Religion & beliefs::HRC Christianity::HRCM Christian theology
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::H Humanities::HR Religion & beliefs::HRC Christianity::HRCG Biblical studies & exegesis
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::H Humanities::HR Religion & beliefs::HRC Christianity::HRCX Christian institutions & organizations
dc.subject.otherfraternal correction
dc.subject.otherreligious community
dc.subject.otherunity and peace
dc.title‘Live Together in Peace on the Way to God.’ The Rule of Augustine as a ‘Rule of Peace’

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