• Ruben, Ruerd; Verhagen, Jan (2019)
    environment; food; agriculture; policy; global food systems
  • Mahmoud, Israa H.; Morello, Eugenio; Salvia, Giuseppe; Puerari, Emma (2022)
    The topic of pinpointing Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) in the urban context has been cultivating interest lately from different scholars, urban planning practitioners and policymakers. This Special Issue originates from the ...
  • Castellini, Mirko; Di Prima, Simone; Stewart, Ryan; Biddoccu, Marcella; Rahmati, Mehdi; Alagna, Vincenzo (2022)
    This Special Issue (SI) aims to investigate the relationships between hydrological and ecological processes and how these interactions can contribute to the optimization of water resources in arid and semi-arid areas. This ...

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