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dc.contributor.editorRyoo, Cheon-Seoung
dc.description.abstractPolynomial and its applications are well known for their proven properties and excellent applicability in interdisciplinary fields of science. Until now, research on polynomial and its applications has been done in mathematics, applied mathematics, and sciences. This book is based on recent results in all areas related to polynomial and its applications. This book provides an overview of the current research in the field of polynomials and its applications. The following papers have been published in this volume: ‘A Parametric Kind of the Degenerate Fubini Numbers and Polynomials’; ‘On 2-Variables Konhauser Matrix Polynomials and Their Fractional Integrals’; ‘Fractional Supersymmetric Hermite Polynomials’; ‘Rational Approximation for Solving an Implicitly Given Colebrook Flow Friction Equation’; ‘Iterating the Sum of Möbius Divisor Function and Euler Totient Function’; ‘Differential Equations Arising from the Generating Function of the (r, β)-Bell Polynomials and Distribution of Zeros of Equations’; ‘Truncated Fubini Polynomials’; ‘On Positive Quadratic Hyponormality of a Unilateral Weighted Shift with Recursively Generated by Five Weights’; ‘Ground State Solutions for Fractional Choquard Equations with Potential Vanishing at Infinity’; ‘Some Identities on Degenerate Bernstein and Degenerate Euler Polynomials’; ‘Some Identities Involving Hermite Kampé de Fériet Polynomials Arising from Differential Equations and Location of Their Zeros.’
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::G Reference, information & interdisciplinary subjects::GP Research & information: general
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::P Mathematics & science
dc.subject.otherdifferential equations, heat equation
dc.subject.otherHermite Kampé de Fériet polynomials
dc.subject.otherHermite polynomials
dc.subject.othergenerating functions
dc.subject.otherdegenerate Bernstein polynomials
dc.subject.otherdegenerate Bernstein operators
dc.subject.otherdegenerate Euler polynomials
dc.subject.othervariational methods
dc.subject.otherfractional Choquard equation
dc.subject.otherground state solution
dc.subject.othervanishing potential
dc.subject.otherpositively quadratically hyponormal
dc.subject.otherquadratically hyponormal
dc.subject.otherunilateral weighted shift
dc.subject.otherrecursively generated
dc.subject.otherFubini polynomials
dc.subject.otherEuler polynomials
dc.subject.otherBernoulli polynomials
dc.subject.othertruncated exponential polynomials
dc.subject.otherStirling numbers of the second kind
dc.subject.otherdifferential equations
dc.subject.otherBell polynomials
dc.subject.otherr-Bell polynomials
dc.subject.other(r, β)-Bell polynomials
dc.subject.otherMöbius function
dc.subject.otherdivisor functions
dc.subject.otherEuler totient function
dc.subject.otherhydraulic resistance
dc.subject.otherpipe flow friction
dc.subject.otherColebrook equation
dc.subject.otherColebrook–White experiment
dc.subject.otherfloating-point computations
dc.subject.otherPadé polynomials
dc.subject.othersymbolic regression
dc.subject.otherorthogonal polynomials
dc.subject.otherdifference-differential operator
dc.subject.otherKonhauser matrix polynomial
dc.subject.othergenerating matrix function
dc.subject.otherintegral representation
dc.subject.otherfractional integral
dc.subject.otherdegenerate Fubini polynomials
dc.subject.otherStirling numbers
dc.title.alternativeTheory and Applications
oapen.pages152, Switzerland

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