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dc.contributor.editorCattani, Carlo
dc.description.abstractSymmetry and complexity are the focus of a selection of outstanding papers, ranging from pure Mathematics and Physics to Computer Science and Engineering applications. This collection is based around fundamental problems arising from different fields, but all of them have the same task, i.e. breaking the complexity by the symmetry. In particular, in this Issue, there is an interesting paper dealing with circular multilevel systems in the frequency domain, where the analysis in the frequency domain gives a simple view of the system. Searching for symmetry in fractional oscillators or the analysis of symmetrical nanotubes are also some important contributions to this Special Issue. More papers, dealing with intelligent prognostics of degradation trajectories for rotating machinery in engineering applications or the analysis of Laplacian spectra for categorical product networks, show how this subject is interdisciplinary, i.e. ranging from theory to applications. In particular, the papers by Lee, based on the dynamics of trapped solitary waves for special differential equations, demonstrate how theory can help us to handle a practical problem. In this collection of papers, although encompassing various different fields, particular attention has been paid to the common task wherein the complexity is being broken by the search for symmetry.
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::T Technology, engineering, agriculture::TB Technology: general issues::TBX History of engineering & technology
dc.subject.otherfractional differential equations
dc.subject.otherfractional oscillations (vibrations)
dc.subject.otherfractional dynamical systems
dc.subject.othernonlinear dynamical systems
dc.subject.otherharmonic wavelet
dc.subject.othermultilevel system
dc.subject.otherforced Korteweg-de Vries equation
dc.subject.othertrapped solitary wave solutions
dc.subject.othernumerical stability
dc.subject.othertwo bumps or holes
dc.subject.otherfinite difference method
dc.subject.otherLaplacian spectra
dc.subject.othercategorical product
dc.subject.otherKirchhoff index
dc.subject.otherglobal mean-first passage time
dc.subject.otherspanning tree
dc.subject.otherdegradation trajectories prognostic
dc.subject.otherasymmetric penalty sparse decomposition (APSD)
dc.subject.otherrolling bearings
dc.subject.otherwavelet neural network (WNN)
dc.subject.otherrecursive least squares (RLS)
dc.subject.otherhealth indicators
dc.subject.otherfirst multiple Zagreb index
dc.subject.othersecond multiple Zagreb index, hyper-Zagreb index
dc.subject.otherZagreb polynomials
dc.titleSymmetry and Complexity
oapen.pages188, Switzerland

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