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dc.contributor.editorSoares, Carlos Guedes
dc.contributor.editorLewis, Matthew
dc.description.abstractConcerns relating to energy supply and climate change have driven renewable energy targets around the world. Marine renewable energy could make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the consequences of climate change, while providing a high-technology industry. The conversion of wave and tidal energy into electricity has many advantages. Individual tidal and wave energy devices have been installed and proven, with commercial arrays planned throughout the world. The wave and tidal energy industry has developed rapidly in the past few years; therefore, it seems timely to review current research and map future challenges. Methods to improve understanding of the resource and interactions (between energy extraction, the resource and the environment) are considered, such as resource characterisation (including electricity output), design considerations (e.g., extreme and fatigue loadings) and environmental impacts, at all timescales (ranging from turbulence to decadal) and all spatial scales (from device and array scales to shelf sea scales).
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::G Reference, Information and Interdisciplinary subjects::GP Research and information: generalen_US
dc.subject.othertide-surge-wave model
dc.subject.otherTaiwanese waters
dc.subject.othersea-state hindcast
dc.subject.otherwave power
dc.subject.otherwave energy
dc.subject.otherunstructured grid model
dc.subject.otherresource characterization
dc.subject.otherWaveWatch III
dc.subject.othertidal energy
dc.subject.otherexperimental testing
dc.subject.otheracoustic Doppler profiler
dc.subject.otherStrangford Lough
dc.subject.otherdc-dc bidirectional converter
dc.subject.otherfinite control set-model predictive control (FCS-MPC)
dc.subject.otheroscillating water column (OWC)
dc.subject.othersupercapacitor energy storage (SCES)
dc.subject.otherwave climate variability
dc.subject.otherwavelet analysis
dc.subject.otherteleconnection patterns
dc.subject.othermarine renewable energy
dc.subject.otherocean energy
dc.subject.otherenvironmental effects
dc.subject.otherwave modeling
dc.subject.otherwave propagation
dc.subject.othernumerical modeling
dc.subject.othersediment dynamics
dc.subject.otherrisk assessment
dc.subject.othermarine current energy
dc.subject.otherspiral involute blade
dc.subject.otherhydrodynamic analysis
dc.subject.othernumerical simulation
dc.subject.otherwave energy trends
dc.subject.otherreanalysis wave data
dc.subject.otherChilean coast
dc.subject.otherrenewable energy
dc.subject.otherwave energy converters
dc.subject.otherannual mean power production
dc.subject.otherwave energy converter
dc.subject.othertransmission coefficient
dc.subject.othersurfing amenity
dc.subject.otherimpact assessment
dc.subject.otherfeasibility study
dc.subject.otherfloating offshore wave farm
dc.subject.othermarine energy
dc.subject.otherunmanned ocean device
dc.subject.othermulti-type floating bodies
dc.subject.othernonlinear Froude-Krylov force
dc.subject.otherenergy efficiency
dc.titleWave and Tidal Energy
oapen.pages222, Switzerland

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