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dc.contributor.editorRukavishnikov, Viktor A.
dc.contributor.editorLima, Pedro M.
dc.contributor.editorBadriev, Ildar B.
dc.description.abstractMathematical models of various natural processes are described by differential equations, systems of partial differential equations and integral equations. In most cases, the exact solution to such problems cannot be determined; therefore, one has to use grid methods to calculate an approximate solution using high-performance computing systems. These methods include the finite element method, the finite difference method, the finite volume method and combined methods. In this Special Issue, we bring to your attention works on theoretical studies of grid methods for approximation, stability and convergence, as well as the results of numerical experiments confirming the effectiveness of the developed methods. Of particular interest are new methods for solving boundary value problems with singularities, the complex geometry of the domain boundary and nonlinear equations. A part of the articles is devoted to the analysis of numerical methods developed for calculating mathematical models in various fields of applied science and engineering applications. As a rule, the ideas of symmetry are present in the design schemes and make the process harmonious and efficient.
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::K Economics, finance, business & management::KN Industry & industrial studies::KNT Media, information & communication industries::KNTX Information technology industries
dc.subject.otherhigh-order methods
dc.subject.otherBrinkman penalization
dc.subject.otherdiscontinuous Galerkin methods
dc.subject.otherembedded geometry
dc.subject.otherhigh-order boundary
dc.subject.otherIMEX Runge–Kutta methods
dc.subject.otherboundary value problems with degeneration of the solution on entire boundary of the domain
dc.subject.otherthe method of finite elements
dc.subject.otherspecial graded mesh
dc.subject.othermultigrid methods
dc.subject.otherHermitian/skew-Hermitian splitting method
dc.subject.otherskew-Hermitian triangular splitting method
dc.subject.otherstrongly non-Hermitian matrix
dc.subject.otherlie symmetries
dc.subject.otherinvariantized difference scheme
dc.subject.othernumerical solutions
dc.subject.otherfinite integration method
dc.subject.othershifted Chebyshev polynomial
dc.subject.otherdirect and inverse problems
dc.subject.otherVolterra integro-differential equation
dc.subject.otherTikhonov regularization method
dc.subject.otherquartic spline
dc.subject.otherscattered data
dc.subject.othersurface reconstruction
dc.subject.otherjaw crusher
dc.subject.othersymmetrical laser cladding path
dc.titleMesh Methods
dc.title.alternativeNumerical Analysis and Experiments
oapen.pages128, Switzerland

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