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dc.description.abstractClimate change affects global and regional water cycling, as well as surficial and subsurface water availability. These changes have increased the vulnerabilities of ecosystems and of human society. Understanding how climate change has affected water resource variability in the past and how climate change is leading to rapid changes in contemporary systems is of critical importance for sustainable development in different parts of the world. This Special Issue focuses on “Water Resource Variability and Climate Change” and aims to present a collection of articles addressing various aspects of water resource variability as well as how such variabilities are affected by changing climates. Potential topics include the reconstruction of historic moisture fluctuations, based on various proxies (such as tree rings, sediment cores, and landform features), the empirical monitoring of water variability based on field survey and remote sensing techniques, and the projection of future water cycling using numerical model simulations.*
dc.subject.otherClimate change*
dc.subject.otherLiDAR applications for water resources*
dc.subject.otherSurface Water fluctuations*
dc.subject.otherGlobal and regional water cycles*
dc.subject.otherRemote sensing of water resources*
dc.subject.otherWater resource variability*
dc.subject.otherModel simulations of water resources*
dc.titleWater Resource Variability and Climate Change*
oapen.pagesXVI, 378*

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