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dc.contributor.authorVictor Romanowski*
dc.contributor.authorMaria Laura Garcia** 07:51:48*
dc.description.abstractViruses are small infectious agents that can replicate only inside the living cells of susceptible organisms. The understanding of the molecular events underlying the infectious process has been of central interest to improve strategies aimed at combating viral diseases of medical, veterinary and agricultural importance. Some of the viruses cause dreadful diseases, while others are also of interest as tools for gene transduction and expression and in non-poluting insect pest management strategies. The contributions in this book provide the reader with a perspective on the wide spectrum of virus-host systems. They are organized in sections based on the major topics covered: viral genomes organization, regulation of replication and gene expression, genome diversity and evolution, virus-host interactions, including clinically relevant features. The chapters also cover a wide range of technical approaches, including high throughput methods to assess genome variation or stability. This book should appeal to all those interested in fundamental and applied aspects of virology.*
dc.subject.otherLife Sciences*
dc.subject.otherHuman Genetics*
dc.subject.otherMolecular Genetics*
dc.subject.otherGenetics and Molecular Biology*
dc.titleViral Genomes - Molecular Structure, Diversity, Gene Expression Mechanisms and Host-Virus Interactions*
oapen.edition1st Edition*

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