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dc.contributor.authorMadhugiri Nageswara-Rao*
dc.contributor.authorPadmini Sudarshana*
dc.contributor.authorJaya R. Soneji** 09:47:09*
dc.description.abstractThe astounding richness and biodiversity of tropical forests is rapidly dwindling. This has severely altered the vital biogeochemical cycles of carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen etc. and has led to the change in global climate and pristine natural ecosystems. In this elegant book, we have defined ""Tropical Forests"" broadly, into five different themes: (1) tropical forest structure, synergy, synthesis, (2) tropical forest fragmentation, (3) impact of anthropogenic pressure, (4) Geographic Information System and remote sensing, and (5) tropical forest protection and process. The cutting-edge synthesis, detailed current reviews, several original data-rich case studies, recent experiments/experiences from leading scientists across the world are presented as unique chapters. Though, the chapters differ noticeably in the geographic focus, diverse ecosystems, time and approach, they share these five important themes and help in understanding, educating, and creating awareness on the role of ""Tropical Forests"" for the very survival of mankind, climate change, and the diversity of biota across the globe. This book will be of great use to the students, scientists, ecologists, population and conservation biologists, and forest managers across the globe. <br /><br /> <span style=""font-style: italic; font-size: 85%;""> The publication of this book was supported by the <strong>Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, United Nations</strong> </span> <span style=""clear: both;""></span>*
dc.subject.otherLife Sciences*
dc.subject.otherForestry Science*
dc.subject.otherEnvironmental Sciences*
dc.titleTropical Forests*
oapen.edition1st Edition*

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