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dc.contributor.authorConstantin Volosencu** 07:51:50*
dc.description.abstractResearchers from the entire world write to figure out their newest results and to contribute new ideas or ways in the field of system reliability and maintenance. Their articles are grouped into four sections: reliability, reliability of electronic devices, power system reliability and feasibility and maintenance. The book is a valuable tool for professors, students and professionals, with its presentation of issues that may be taken as examples applicable to practical situations. Some examples defining the contents can be highlighted: system reliability analysis based on goal-oriented methodology; reliability design of water-dispensing systems; reliability evaluation of drivetrains for off-highway machines; extending the useful life of asset; network reliability for faster feasibility decision; analysis of standard reliability parameters of technical systems' parts; cannibalisation for improving system reliability; mathematical study on the multiple temperature operational life testing procedure, for electronic industry; reliability prediction of smart maximum power point converter in photovoltaic applications; reliability of die interconnections used in plastic discrete power packages; the effects of mechanical and electrical straining on performances of conventional thick-film resistors; software and hardware development in the electric power system; electric interruptions and loss of supply in power systems; feasibility of autonomous hybrid AC/DC microgrid system; predictive modelling of emergency services in electric power distribution systems; web-based decision-support system in the electric power distribution system; preventive maintenance of a repairable equipment operating in severe environment; and others.*
dc.subject.otherPhysical Sciences*
dc.subject.otherEngineering and Technology*
dc.subject.otherReliability Engineering*
dc.subject.otherSystem Engineering*
dc.titleSystem Reliability*
oapen.edition1st Edition*

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