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dc.description.abstractChina’s road to sustainability has attracted global attention. Since the “Reform & Opening Up” policy, China’s rapid pace of both urbanization and industrialization has made its being the second largest economy but meantime a heavy environmental price has been paid over the past few decades for addressing the economic developmental target. Today, as the biggest developing country, China needs to take more responsibilities for constructing its local ecological-civilization society as well as for addressing the global challenges such as climate change, resources scary and human beings well-fare; therefore, we need to have deeper understandings into China’s way to sustainability at very different levels, both spatially and structurally, concerns ranging from generating sustainable household livelihoods to global climate change, from developing technological applications to generate institutional changes. In this spirit, this publication, “Sustainability in China: Bridging Global Knowledge with Local Action” aims to investigate the intended and spontaneous issues concerning China’s road to sustainability in a combined top-down and bottom-up manner, linking international knowledge to local-based studies.*
dc.subject.otherenabling technologies for sustainability*
dc.subject.othersociety-environment system*
dc.subject.othersustainability assessment*
dc.subject.othersustainability indicator*
dc.subject.otherlow carbon development*
dc.subject.otherresource efficiency*
dc.subject.otherindustrial ecosystems*
dc.subject.othergreen metric*
dc.subject.othersocial aspects of sustainability*
dc.subject.othercircular economy*
dc.subject.otherregional governance*
dc.subject.othersustainable livelihood*
dc.titleSustainability in China: Bridging Global Knowledge with Local Action*

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