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dc.contributor.authorCarmen Molina-Paris*
dc.contributor.authorRamit Mehr*
dc.contributor.authorMiles Davenport*
dc.contributor.authorRob J. De Boer*
dc.contributor.authorVeronika Zarnitsyna*
dc.contributor.authorMichal Or-Guil** 13:02:24*
dc.description.abstractThe rapid development of new methods for immunological data collection - from multicolor flow cytometry, through single-cell imaging, to deep sequencing - presents us now, for the first time, with the ability to analyze and compare large amounts of immunological data in health, aging and disease. The exponential growth of these datasets, however, challenges the theoretical immunology community to develop methods for data organization and analysis. Furthermore, the need to test hypotheses regarding immune function, and generate predictions regarding the outcomes of medical interventions, necessitates the development of mathematical and computational models covering processes on multiple scales, from the genetic and molecular to the cellular and system scales. The last few decades have seen the development of methods for presentation and analysis of clonal repertoires (those of T and B lymphocytes) and phenotypic (surface-marker based) repertoires of all lymphocyte types, and for modeling the intricate network of molecular and cellular interactions within the immune systems. This e-Book, which has first appeared as a ‘Frontiers in Immunology’ research topic, provides a comprehensive, online, open access snapshot of the current state of the art on immune system modeling and analysis.*
dc.relation.ispartofseriesFrontiers Research Topics*
dc.subject.otherImmune cell differentiation*
dc.subject.otherImmune cell population dynamics and turnover*
dc.subject.otherImmunological diseases*
dc.subject.otheractivation and signaling*
dc.subject.othermathematical modeling*
dc.subject.otherImmune cell receptors*
dc.subject.otherlymphocyte repertoires*
dc.subject.otherImmune cell migration and immune tissue organization*
dc.subject.otherImmune responses to pathogens*
dc.subject.otherhigh-throughput sequencing*
dc.titleImmune System Modeling and Analysis*

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