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dc.contributor.authorArcadio Reyes-Lecuona*
dc.contributor.authorStefan N. Grösser*
dc.contributor.authorGöran Granholm** 16:26:48*
dc.description.abstractThe editors present essential methods and tools to support a holistic approach to the challenge of system upgrades and innovation in the context of high-value products and services. The approach presented here is based on three main pillars: an adaptation mechanism based on a broad understanding of system dependencies; efficient use of system knowledge through involvement of actors throughout the process; and technological solutions to enable efficient actor communication and information handling. The book provides readers with a better understanding of the factors that influence decisions, and put forward solutions to facilitate the rapid adaptation to changes in the business environment and customer needs through intelligent upgrade interventions. Further, it examines a number of sample cases from various contexts including car manufacturing, utilities, shipping and the furniture industry. The book offers a valuable resource for both academics and practitioners interested in the upgrading of capital-intensive products and services.*
dc.subject.otherKnowledge management*
dc.subject.otherBusiness information systems*
dc.titleDynamics of Long-Life Assets: From Technology Adaptation to Upgrading the Business Model*

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