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dc.contributor.editorThomson, Harriet
dc.contributor.editorPetrova, Saska
dc.contributor.editorBouzarovski, Stefan
dc.contributor.editorSimcock, Neil 23:55 13:58:11
dc.identifierOCN: 1003504481
dc.description.abstractHuman health and well being are closely intertwined with the ability to access affordable and modern domestic energy services, including heating, cooling, lighting, cooking, and information technology. Energy poverty is said to occur when such amenities cannot be secured up to a socially- and physically- necessitated level. Millions of people across the world suffer from energy poverty due to a combination of financial, social and technical circumstances. Energy Poverty and Vulnerability provides novel and critical perspectives on the drivers and consequences of energy-related injustices in the home. Drawing together original research conducted by leading experts, the book offers fresh and innovative insights into the ways in which hitherto unexplored factors such as cultural norms, environmental conditions and household needs combine to shape vulnerability to energy poverty. Case studies from a wide range of countries are presented, thus providing the first globally-integrated account of a policy and research domain that has previously been divided between the Global South and North. An examination of the diverse manifestations of energy poverty is supplemented by an identification of this condition’s shared and context-specific causes. Conveying policy-relevant insights that can inform decision-making, this book can be of great interest to students and scholars of energy demand, social justice, and sustainability transitions, as well as decision-makers and practitioners who wish to find out more about this complex issue.
dc.rightsopen access
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::R Earth sciences, geography, environment, planning::RN The environment
dc.subject.otherenergy poverty
dc.subject.otherenergy-related injustices
dc.titleEnergy Poverty and Vulnerability
dc.title.alternativeA Global Perspective

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  • Thomson, Harriet; Petrova, Saska; Bouzarovski, Stefan; Simcock, Neil (2018)
    We began this book with the aim of providing the first global and comparative perspective on energy vulnerability, in order to advance debates on the systemic processes and conditions that (re)produce domestic energy ...
  • Thomson, Harriet; Petrova, Saska; Bouzarovski, Stefan; Simcock, Neil (2018)
    This book aims to provide a global perspective on energy poverty, with the aid of novel theoretical approaches that disturb entrenched scientific preconceptions and policy prescriptions. We are particularly interested in ...
  • Ockwell, David; Byrne, Rob (2017)
    Despite decades of effort and billions of dollars spent, two thirds of people in sub-Saharan Africa still lack access to electricity, a vital pre-cursor to economic development and poverty reduction. Ambitious international ...