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Chapters in this book

  • Kockel, Ullrich (2019)
    The twentieth century has been described (e.g., Piskorski 2015 ) as a century of displacement. While globally the comparative scale of involuntary population movement may not have diff ered signifi cantly from earlier ...
  • Clopot, Cristina; Strani, Katerina (2019)
    ‘What is Europe? It’s not just a series of banknotes’, an interviewee remarked when asked about European heritage. Our study of European Capitals of Culture (ECoC), one of the main European heritage programmes, proceeds in ...
  • McFadyen, Mairi; Máiréad Nic Craith, (2019)
    This chapter focuses on the Scots- speaking community and, in particular, on its use of the Scots language as a means to assert political diff erence in the form of a ‘welcoming, inclusive civic nationalism’ (McFadyen 2018 ).

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