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dc.contributorBetancourt, Roland
dc.contributorBrookes, Stewart
dc.contributorCavell, Megan
dc.contributorChaganti, Seeta
dc.contributorClarke, Catherine A.M.
dc.contributorDavies, Joshua
dc.contributorFrojmovic, Eva
dc.contributorvan Gerven Oei, Vincent W.J
dc.contributorKarkov, Catherine
dc.contributorKillilea, Alison Elizabeth
dc.contributorKłosowska, Anna
dc.contributorMiyashiro, Adam
dc.contributorMyers Achi, Andrea
dc.contributorNeville, Jennifer
dc.contributorThomas, Carla María
dc.contributorThomas, Daniel
dc.contributorWatt, Diane
dc.contributor.editorKarkov, Catherine
dc.contributor.editorklosowska, anna
dc.contributor.editorvan Gerven Oei, Vincent W.J.
dc.description.abstract"From Kehinde Wiley to W.E.B. Du Bois, from Nubia to Cuba, Willie Doherty's terror in ancient landscapes to the violence of institutional Neo-Gothic, Reagan's AIDS policies to Beowulf fanfiction, this richly diverse volume brings together art historians and literature scholars to articulate a more inclusive, intersectional medieval studies. It will be of interest to students working on the diaspora and migration, white settler colonialism and pogroms, Indigenous studies and decolonial methodology, slavery, genocide, and culturecide. The authors confront the often disturbing legacies of medieval studies and its current failures to own up to those, and also analyze fascist, nationalist, colonialist, anti-Semitic, and other ideologies to which the medieval has been and is yoked, collectively formulating concrete ethical choices and aims for future research and teaching. In the face of rising global fascism and related ideological mobilizations, contemporary and past, and of cultural heritage and history as weapons of symbolic and physical oppression, this volume's chapters on Byzantium, Medieval Nubia, Old English, Hebrew, Old French, Occitan, and American and European medievalisms examine how educational institutions, museums, universities, and individuals are shaped by ethics and various ideologies in research, collecting, and teaching."
dc.rightsopen access
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::H Humanities::HB History
dc.subject.otherMedieval studies
dc.subject.otherInternational Medieval Congress
dc.titleDisturbing Times
dc.title.alternativeMedieval Pasts, Reimagined Futures
oapen.pages384, NY

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