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publisher.contactSean Kingston*
publisher.nameSean Kingston Publishing**
publisher.address2 Hermitage Cottages Canon Pyon Herefordshire HR4 8NN*
publisher.countryUnited Kingdom*
publisher.oalicenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International License (CC BY) <BR> or <BR> Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Non-derivative 4.0 International license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). <BR>*
publisher.peerreviewpolicySean Kingston Publishing specializes in anthropology books of high academic quality. At proposal stage, this is assessed by an experienced internal team; though if a proposal is for a specific book series, the series editor or Learned Society involved will also assess it. Once a manuscript is received, this is subjected to a blind review by two, sometimes three, expert external reviewers. Unlike many presses, SKP allows authors to identify anybody in the field they would prefer to avoid as a peer reviewer. <BR> See*
publisher.descriptionIn a field of multinational corporations, Sean Kingston Publishing is a family business, a small press specializing in high-quality academic texts within the social sciences, particularly anthropology. We published our first books in 2004, volumes by Marilyn Strathern, James Leach and Lawrence Kalinoe, and Alan Rumsey and James Weiner. Since that time, we have grown organically, establishing many long-lasting relationships with our partners (e.g. the Royal Anthropological Institute and the Centro Incontri Umani) and authors, and publishing more books each year. <BR> Dr Sean Kingston is a published and prize-winning anthropologist, and is personally involved in all books accepted for publication. He assesses every title himself, and each book is also submitted to peer review by experts on the topic. You will find him and our books at many anthropology conferences in Europe, and sometimes further afield. We have business relationships with some of the largest book distributors, and through them access the latest print-on-demand (POD) technology to print and market from the UK, the US and Australia. <BR> We are delighted to announce a new series of Open Access publications, from October 2017, free to all and available from a number repositories and, of course, from our own website. <BR> We are keen to consider further proposals for Open Access publications. We shall generally offer this on a Gold Standard basis, under a Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International License (CC BY), the most open license available, allowing readers to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, and to alter, transform, or build upon the material, including for commercial use, providing the original author is credited. In addition, for those who prefer print, a paperback edition (rather than our usual and significantly more expensive hardback) will be available to purchase through all our usual channels. All projects vary, so please contact us for enquiries*

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  • Bendixsen, Synnøve K.N.; Hviding, Edvard (2021-11-15)
    Norway, it is claimed, has the most social anthropologists per capita of any country. Well connected and resourced, the discipline - standing apart from the British and American centres of anthropology - is well placed to ...
  • Eria Olowo Onyango; Eldar Bråten; Olaf H. Smedal; Anh Nga Longva; Hege Toje; Ørnulf Gulbrandsen; Donald M. Nonini; Bruce Kapferer; Roshan de Silva-Wijeyeratne; Don Kalb; Judith Kapferer; Jonathan Friedman; Leif Manger (2018)
    The territorially sovereign nation-state – the globally dominant political formation of Western modernity – is in crisis. Though it is a highly heterogeneous assemblage, moulded by different histories involving myriad ...

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