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publisher.contactDavid Blakesley*
publisher.nameParlor Press**
publisher.address3015 Brackenberry Drive Anderson SC 29621*
publisher.countryUnited States*
publisher.oalicenseCreative Commons Noncommercial, No Derivatives. A book's web page identifies specific license number.*
publisher.peerreviewpolicy<p>Parlor Press is an independent publisher and distributor of scholarly and trade books in high quality print and digital formats. The Press will consider submissions from prospective authors or literary agents, subject to the guidelines below or as otherwise indicated on a series node. All submissions should be targeted specifically for one of our existing book series. Each submission accepted for review undergoes peer review by scholars or other acknowledged experts or published authors (in the case of fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry). The review process is rigorous. Turnaround time for initial review is prompt (usually three months or less). Parlor Press's editors may decide that a submission needs further work before it receives consideration for outside review.</p>*
publisher.descriptionParlor Press has published more than forty books available as open access titles. We released a good number of these with our publishing partner at the WAC Clearinghouse. In addition to books in the two series (Perspectives on Writing and Reference Guides to Rhetoric and Composition), we've released an additional half dozen. All titles are peer reviewed by series editors and outside readers.*

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