• Di Michele, Andrea; Gottsmann, Andreas; Monzali, Luciano; Ruzicic-Kessler, Karlo (2020)
  • Caccamo, Francesco; Caccamo, Giulia; Di Michele, Andrea; Ernesti, Jörg; Galasso, Gianvito; Gatterer, Joachim; Gottsmann, Andreas; Graf, Maximilian; Guiotto, Maddalena; Heiss, Hans; Höbelt, Lothar; Lechner, Stefan; Monzali, Luciano; Pfanzelter, Eva; Riccardi, Luca; Riegler, Thomas; Ruzicic-Kessler, Thaler; Scarano, Federico; Valvo, Paolo; Ruzicic-Kessler, Karlo; DI MICHELE, Andrea; Gottsmann, Andreas; MONZALI, Luciano (2020)
    This volume is the result of collaboration between historians and scientific institutions in Austria and Italy. It covers two major topics: the bilateral contacts in the 20th century between the two neighbouring countries ...
  • Brusniak, Friedhelm; Comploi, Franz; Delfrati, Carlo; Jung-Kaiser, Ute; Khittl, Christoph; Marconi, Luca; Orgass, Stefan; Mitterrutzner, Emma; COMPLOI, Franz (2013)
    As a result of the cognitive turn in psychology and educational science, music is gradually returning to its role, already anchored in antiquity, as a fundamental subject in school and out-of-school education. Recent studies ...

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