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publisher.contactAndrew Griffin*
publisher.nameEMC Imprint at the UCSB Early Modern Center**
publisher.addressDepartment of English University of California, Santa Barbara Mail Code: 3170 Santa Barbara, CA 93106-3170*
publisher.countryUnited States*
publisher.oalicenseThe EMC Imprint publishes works under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License. The terms of the license are available here:*
publisher.peerreviewpolicyThe EMC imprint accepts proposals of 2-3 pp. for review by the Executive Board. If the Board agrees that the project is viable, and a member of the Board agrees to serve as Coordinating Editor for the publication, the contributor will be asked to provide a more detailed (7-10 pp.) prospectus for review by an outside scholar selected from the EMC’s Advisory Board. On the advice of the reviewer and evidence that the contributor can help to support the publication costs, the production will proceed with the understanding that the reviewer will provide feedback for possible revision before publication.*
publisher.descriptionThe EMC Imprint as a peer-reviewed press is not only an innovation in digital publication intended to exploit the multiple media of the web. It is also an innovation in funding such publication. The Imprint ensures rigorous peer-review, a press affiliated with an internationally recognized Center, a sophisticated publication platform, and a co-ordinating editor to advise our authors. Whenever possible, we aid in the funding costs for additional web work or copy-editing, but we expect those who seek to publish in the Imprint to obtain a subvention from their institution to help with additional costs.*

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